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Until only recently, my husband thought he came from a very small family with its roots deeply planted in Northwest Missouri. He knew that he had a great grandfather by the name of JAMES KIRKPATRICK AUXIER who was a very old man at the time my husband was a small boy. James had one daughter, named LUCY AUXIER, whos mother died 10 days after her birth. My husband, Gary, knew little else about his family. One day I ran across a query from someone doing research on the AUXIER family and took a chance that our families might somehow be connected. Little did we realize that we were part of a huge, wonderful family of people, with its beginnings in France. JUDITH TICKLE NEED and others, have been doing research on this family for a very long time, yet somehow our gr.-grandfather James was completed missed in the line-up. Thanks to JUDITH, my husband finally has a family. WE JUST NEVER IMAGINED THAT IT WOULD BE SUCH A BIG ONE. His grandmother, LUCY, spent her entire life trying to find a connection to her AUXIER roots. She wanted desperately to be part of the DAR but was never able to do that during her lifetime. Research was much harder then. If our AUXIER ties continue as we feel they might, there is a chance that Grandma Lucy will have the ties to the family she could only dream about. How proud she would have been, and how proud we are to be able to do this for her. Thank you JUDITH for your unrelentless efforts to pull it all together. Thank you, Dr. Dave Auxier, for your wonderful book "THE AUXIER FAMILY" that gives it all substance.

The Family of James Kirkpatrick Auxier