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by: Christi Watkins

Location: Off of Hwy 72 between Clinton and Whitmire.
This cemetery was in the middle of a field, hidden away in the trees and forgotten by time.
Though overgrown with tall weeds, it still held a peaceful feeling, like coming home after a long journey.

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(The words below in parentheses are my own, to help in the identification of certain individuals.)

ANDERSON, Louisa Elizabeth daughter of Lewis and Charity (McCoy) Anderson "To the memory of" BELL, Infant dau of James and Mary B. Bell (Mary Boyce Jacks d/o Isaac and Anna) born: June 11, 1838 died: June 11, 1838 DILLARD, George W. "Father" (Son of Mary Ann Elizabeth Dillard Jacks) died: January 23, 1900 age 57 yrs. FERGUSON, Mrs. Mary Ann (McCoy) (Daughter of John and Charity McCoy) wife of John Ferguson born: February 1809 (2/9/1809) died: January 7, 1834 24 years 11 mon 2 days GODFREY, Mary Ann Josephine ........ ....... (Gr-daughter of John and Charity McCoy) d/o James S. and Eliza F. (McCoy) Godfrey born: January 8, 1836 died: September 10, 1836

JACKS, Isaac (father of Elizabeth Jacks) born: August 12, 1779 died: June 21, 1850 JACKS, Anna wife of Isaac Jacks born: June 7, 1785 died: August 31, 1876 "leaves 5 living children, 52 grandchildren 111 great-grandchildren and 8 great-great-grandchildren" JACKS, Fannie C. (Full name Sarah Frances C. Brock) wife of J. C. (Clark) Jacks born: January 9, 1851 died: June 14, 1890 JACKS, Ella E. daughter of J.. C. and S. F. Jacks (d/o J. Clark and Sarah "Fannie" Jacks) born: August 18, 1876 died: July 15, 1882 JACKS, Wm. (son of Isaac and Anna Jacks) born: February 1810 died: May 1860 JACKS, Polly (Full name - Mary Prather) wife of Wm. Jacks born: May 1811 died: November 8, 1858 (One source says 1853.) JACKS, I. C. (Sr.) (Full name - Isaac Calimes Jacks) died: May 4, 1859 "Age about 36 years" JACKS, Mary A. E. (Mary Ann Elizabeth Philson Dillard Jacks) wife of I. C. Jacks (Sr.) died: September 17, 1895 (Born August 16, 1822) "age 75yr 1 mo 7 days" JONES, Louisa (Wife of Turner Richardson Jones) born: October 19, 1822 died: January 27, 1896 "She was a tender mother here, and in her life, the Lord she did fear" JONES, Susan Valeria daughter of J. A. and V. A. Jones born: April 9, 1887 died: August 25, 1887 JONES, Susan wife of Mannon J. Jones born: June 11, 1815 died: October 30, 1836 JONES, Thomas C. born: August 9, 1852 died: January 26, 1873 JONES, Turner Richardson born: March 14, 1821 died: November 7, 1903 Confederate soldier of "CO. A 13th Regiment SCV" JONES, Benjamin H. born: October 29, 1814 died: October 18, 1834 JONES, Elizabeth wife of Joseph Jones died: March 30, 1856 age 73 years JONES, Joseph born: March 15, 1776 died: October 20, 1825 JONES, Fanny born: June 13, 1816 died: October 8, 1825 (One source says 1823.) JONES, Lucy born: October 10, 1748 (possibly 1746) died: January 2, 1825 (One source says 1823.) JONES, William Thomas son of J. A. and V. A. Jones born: February 10, 1878 died: October 4, 1879 JONES, Turner Reid son of J. A. and V. A. Jones born: November 18, 1869 died: November 3, 1879 (One source says 11/30/79.) JONES, Twin Infant son of J. A. and V. A. Jones born and died March 23, 1880 JONES, J. Andy (Son of Turner and Louisa Jones) born March 30, 1846 died: January 11, 1914 "CO A 13th SC Regiment McGowanís Brigade A.P. Hills Corps." JONES, Valeria A. wife of J. A. Jones born: March 30, 1849 died: December 4, 1932 LANGSTON, Arminte E. (d/o Marion Calhoun Langston & Florence Elizabeth Jacks) daughter of M. C. and F. E. Langston born: February 6, 1881 died: November 12, 1881 LANGSTON, Elizabeth Jacks (Florence Elizabeth d/o I. C and M. A. Jacks) born: February 10, 1852 died: November 9, 1932 LANGSTON, William A. (s/o Marion Calhoun Langston & Florence Elizabeth Jacks) son of M. C. and F. E. Langston born: January 11, 1873 died: October 4, 1875 McCORD, Rachel born: July 11, 1814 died: September 22, 1836 McCOY, Mrs. ..........(Elizabeth Jacks, wife of Drayton B. McCoy) ... See Stone

      "In memory of Mrs. McCoy" daughter of Isaac and Anny Jacks born: March 8, 1806 died: February 1, 1828 "Her bereaved husband deeply impressed with his irreparable loss erects this frail monument to her memory"

McCOY, John ..........(John McCoy's story) ... See stone

      died: September 17, 1836 72 yrs. 7 mon. "He was a member of the Baptist Church and a useful member of society." "Why do we mourn for dying friends or shake as death alarms, Tis but the voice that Jesus sent to call them to His arms."

      "Therefore be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not, the son of man cometh."

McCOY, Charity ..........
wife of John McCoy "Who departed this life on the 9th of July A.D. 1820 Aged 37 years"

McCOY, Charity born: February 14, 1818 died: September 13, 1818 PHILSON, Elizabeth (Mother of Mary Ann E. Dillard Jacks) died 1879 (born 1889) 89 years RAY, Nancy E. (Jacks) (d/o Wm. and Polly Prather Jacks) wife of Gaines R. Ray born: September 21, 1829 died: September 18, 1903 "A dear wife and loving mother" RAY, Gaines R. (Served in the SCV Co. "A" 13th Regiment) (husband of Nancy E. Jacks) born: May 27, 1830 died: June 26, 1898 RAY, J. O. W. (One sources says L. C. W.) son of Gaines and Nancy born: January 18, 1866 died: January 17, 1868 RAY, Clarkston (aka Claxton Rey) died: December 22, 1831 age 50 yrs "He was for 10 years a respectable member of the Baptist Church" WESSON, Sarah J. died: January 12, 1838 aged 10 mon. 12 days. WESSON, Luke died: August 17, ?? (unable to read yr) 54 yrs 2 mo 5 days (One source says 4 yrs.) WHITTEN, Sarah wife of John Whitten II died: November 10, 1821 "in her 40th year" WHITTEN I, John (Sr.) born: October 20, 1750 died: November 28, 1831 WHITTEN, Pheby (Phoebe).......... wife of John Whitten Sr. (I) died: December 10, 1822 "in her 68th year"

These are all the stones that we presently have on our list. We were told that some slaves are buried here but we have no record of their names. There are many unmarked graves still hiding after 180 years and with them the untold stories of generations.

This most unusual tree was pointing the way to the entrance of the cemetery;
almost, as a silent greeting from the past, welcoming us inside.

I am a descendant of the McCoy family listed above. Many of those buried here are connected to our line in one way or another. If you have information about anyone in this cemetery, or know of someone buried here that is not listed above, please let me know. I would like to add some personal information to each one of these names. This was a special place and I will never forget the feeling of finally finding it and my McCoy family of South Carolina.
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