~Love Letter To Someone Special~X
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Love Letter To Someone Special~X

(To my Beloved...)

You are special,
You are sweet,
You are beautiful,
You are neat.

Just knowing you, brings warmth to my heart,
I knew you were the one for me since the start.
I have never met anyone like you,
I love everything about you and the things you do.

This world can be so cruel and mean,
Everything isn't as they first seem.
But you have always been there for me,
To lift my spirits high and set my blues free.

You are completely pure at heart,
And though we are far away, we are never truly apart.
So keep your chin up and don't worry,
For love shouldn't be forced or ever hurried.
I truly believe we will soon have our time,
With my arms around you, your lips to mine.

But until then I will continue to pray,
Waiting patiently and loving you more each day.
Be happy and shine today,
Cuz forever in my heart you will stay.

Everything will turn out fine,
And there will always be a space for you in this heart of mine.

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