Eastland County School Memorial Salute Veterans of Eastland County

U.S. Veterans who attended school in Eastland County except for Ranger. Some veterans listed maybe deceased. KIA=Killed in Action Updated: 06.26.2018 School-Class Veteran Service Branch, Rank, Conflict, & Medals EHS-1936 General Lloyd Siebert - US Army Air Corps, WWII 1941-45, Italy CHS-1939 Thomas Cullen Hart - US Army Air Corps, WWII CHS-1939 Morris Douglas White, Sr. (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII, 486th Bomb Group, B24 & B17, retired in 1965 after 22 yrs., LT. CHS-1942 Glenn Pup Doggett (decd) - US Navy, Korea CHS-1942 Wilbourne Dale Ivie (decd) - WWII CHS-1943 John Edward Davis (decd) - US Navy CHS-1943 William T. Sherman (decd) - US Army Air Corps CHS-1944 Martin "Buck" Cleveland (decd) - US Navy, WWII, USS Alabama CHS-1945 Donald true Gorr (decd) - US Army CHS-1946 Ealy M. Black (decd) - US Army, USAF, Guard, 34 yrs. CHS-1947 James Lee Christie (decd) - US Army CHS-1947 Charles Wende (decd) - Texas Army National Guard CHS-1948 Roy Glenn Trapp - US Navy, Korea CHS-1949 Joe Bacon (decd) - US Air Force, Staff Sergeant CHS-1949 Emmett L. Rich (decd) - National Guard, 1949-62 EHS-1949 William W. Cooper (decd) - Korea CHS-1951 Jimmie Griffine (decd) - US Navy, 1952-56 EHS-1951 Gerold L. Harris (decd) - USAF, Vietnam, Master Sargent CHS-1952 Luther H. McCrea (decd) - US Navy, aircraft carrier, tech CHS-1954 Marcos Gallegos (decd) - US Navy, radio operator, Philippines CHS-1955 Billy Charles Miller (decd) - US Army, 1959-61, Germany CHS-1955 Charles Donald Poe (decd) - US Army & US Navy CHS-1958 Jerald Dowe Wallace (decd) - US Army, 1st Lieutenant, Vietnam, KIA EHS-1955 Berry D. Bownds (decd) - USAF OHS-1958 Thomas Monroe Alfrod, Jr. (decd) - US Army CHS-1961 Robert Bruce Speegle (decd) - US Army, during Vietnam CHS-1966 Harold Davies (decd) - US Army, Vietnam CHS-1966 Larry W. Warren (decd) - US Marine Corps CHS-1969 Audrey Tucker (decd) - TX Nation Guard CHS-1970 Randy Glenn Hamilton (decd) - USAF, Personnel Specialist CHS-1973 Bob E. Maynard (decd) - US Army, Medic, Vietnam CHS-1992 David E. Jacobs - US Air Force CHS-1993 Cullen W. Rabel - US Air Force CHS-1996 Charlie J. McKinney - US Navy CHS-1998 Timothy W. Lawrence - US Navy CHS-2000 Michael Ivie - US Navy CHS-2002 Brandon C. Elizalda - US Marine Corps CHS-2003 Terry LD. Trantham - US Army CHS-2004 Ryan T. Barnes - US Navy CHS-2004 Howdy D. Johnston - US Army CHS-2004 Perfecto Rodriguez, Jr. CHS-2004 Andrew White - US Navy CRHS-1941 Forrest D. Keith (decd) - US Navy, WWII EHS-1935 Marvin Tarver (decd) - US Army EHS-1936 William Edward Gilkey, Sr. (decd) - US Navy, WWII, radio operator EHS-1941 James Travis Harrell (decd) - US Air Force, WWII, Korean Conflict EHS-1943 James T. Wright (decd) - US Navy EHS-1944 Felix Spurlen (decd) - US Army, US Navy, WWII EHS-1951 Billy B. Jordon - US Navy, Korean Conflict EHS-1954 Raul Herrara (decd) - US Army EHS-1968 Thomas Gregory Daniel - U.S. Marine Corps EHS-1978 Rita Armstrong LeRoy - Army National Guard, Sgt., Operation Iraqi Freedom EHS-1995 Ryan Holt - US Marine Corps, Operation Iraqi Freedom EHS-1996 Paul Holt - US Marine Corps Reserve EHS-2001 Frieda Threet - US Army EHS-2003 James M. Bailey - US Army EHS-2003 Riley L. Frausto - US Army EHS-2003 Christopher White - US Marine Corp EHS-2004 Ben S. Bible - US Air Force EHS-2004 Kaleb C. Blaylock - US Marine Corp EHS-2004 Cody Young - US Marine Corp EHS-2004 Kevin L. Wollam - US Marine Corp EHS-2005 Diana K. Black - US Army Nation Guard EHS-2005 Christopher B. Russell - US Navy EHS-2005 Jason R. Williams - US Air Force EHS-2007 Dereck R. Bible - US Army EHS-2007 Jordan D. Parker - US Army EHS-2007 Kasey D. Volpitta - US Army National Guard EHS-2008 Kaleb S. Dove - US Marine Corp EHS-2009 Dusty T. Busk - US Marine Corp EHS-2009 Michael C. Smart-Stennett EHS-2012 Donna Glenn - TX Army National Guard GHS-1944 Tommy Stinnett (decd) - US Navy, WWII, Pacific Theater GHS-1945 Bobby Joe Boswell (decd) - US Army, WWII GHS-1949 Roy F. Dennis (decd) - US Army, MP, Korean Conflict GHS-1958 John T. Brown (decd) - US Army National Guard, Staff Sergent OHS-1940 Adra Lee Fox (decd) - US Navy, WWII, USS Tulagi, 4 battle stars, served in Southern France, Lingayan Gulf, Iwo Jima & Okinawa OHS-1960 Connie Yarbrough (decd) - US Army, Operation Big Lift-Germany OHS-1961 Bennie J. O'Brien (decd) - US Army during Vietnam Others Scott Bailey (decd) - US Army, Korean Conflict Others Donald Scott Brinkley (decd) - US Army Others Sharley Joe Cooper (decd) - US Army Others Charles Courtney (decd) - US Army Others Alfonso Ramon Gaeta (decd) - US Army/Marines, WWII Others Willard L. Griffin (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII, B-24 Others Dudley B. Houle (decd) - US Army/AF, WWII Others Harvey Lawrence Johnson - US Army, WWII Others James Miears (decd) - US Navy Others Douglas Wayne Mims (decd) - US Army, Korean Conflict Others Merrel F. Nichols - USAF, Vietnam, Tech Sergeant Others Robert Gleason Perkins (decd) - US Army, WWII, England Others Harrell Loyd Steddum (decd) - US Army, military police Others Lloyd Ray Swindle (decd) - US Army, Korean Conflict Others H.T. Wilson (decd) - US Marine Corp, WWII CJC Fred Harvey Allen (decd) - US Army, 25th Infantry, Korea CJC Burnice H. Coleman (decd) - US Navy, Korea CJC Rex Neil Farley (decd) - USAF, Korean Conflict CJC Rondal Howard Hodges (decd) - US Army, Korean Conflict CJC John "Jack" Mellor (decd) - USAF, Iceland, Spain, Vietnam CJC Leonard Elton Tipton (decd) - US Army, 20 yrs., Korea, Vietnam SEVEN EASTLAND COUNTY SERVICEMEN WHO PAID THE SUPREME SACRIFICE IN VIETNAM: Everett W. Everett, Willie D. Tyrone, James K. Gray, Joseph A. Venerable, Larry Roberts Jr., Jerald D. Wallace, & Larry Joe Rodges. NOTE: This list is unofficial & not complete.