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Rainbow Connection

Let us start by saying the most important aspect of designing your web page is "communication". We want to develop an understanding of your needs and expectations. Our goal is to custom create a web page which portrays your company's exact image in a way that is suitable for the Internet. You may already have some very specific idea's about the presentation of your web site or you may have just a few, possibly you have none, but realize advertising on the Internet is now the way the world is doing business and communicating.

Step one: Consultation
We would like the opportunity to discuss the benefits of advertising on the world wide web. We don't believe in just putting anybody on the internet for the sake of increasing our client base. We want you as our client to understand the design and be comfortable with our services.

Step two: Design
Designing a Web Site is not an easy task. We take pride in the sites we create and offer more than a simple fill-in-the-blank type format. The site must be appealing enough to entice the viewer to stay at your site and learn about your business. Web site design depends on your business needs. We offer you a variety of Internet packages ranging from a text only sight to a more complex site that includes graphics, photos and/or scanned images. After we have mutually decided in a direction to go, we will create your web page.

Step three: Web hosting
Once your Web page has been created it will be published on the World Wide Web. We will discuss web site options with you and together we will choose the right web hosting company. (The web hosting company will directly bill you for their services.) At no additional charge to you, we will add your business to a variety of Internet search engines. This will enable other Internet users access to your web page.

Last but not least: Maintenance
The last phase of the process to consider is maintaining the website. Of course this will greatly depend on the content of your site. Not all sites will need a constant change, but as a rule of thumb, the entire design and content should be re-evaluated on a quarterly basis. Some sites may require a complete "over haul" while others need only "minor" changes. Therefore, fees will greatly depend on the needs of your site.

Additional services we provide:


    Java Script

    Custom graphics and logos

    Interactive Forms-for communication, ordering etc

    Scanning of photographs, artworks and logos

    *Any images you would like scanned must be provided by you.
    Scanning includes retouching and customization.
    Remember...a picture is worth a thousand words!

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