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Pudgie & Shelby

Hello Everyone! Welcome to our websight. Im Pudgie Butt Headley.My Mama & Daddy call me Fat Dawg, but its ok , cause I know they love me. I live in Texas, I have 1 large canine brother,his name is Fred. We live way out in the country, and I get in lots of mud every chance I get. I love to ride the 4- wheelers with my family. We go camping alot too. I love the boat rides my Daddy takes me on . Mama made me my own lifejacket ,just for me. This is some pictures of my new sister Shelby and my new brother BO, short for bocephus.Shelby was found on the highway , and Bo was given to us because he needed our home. We all play good togather , and we share popcorn too. Bed time is the special time of the day . who gets the best spot first in mama's and daddy's bed.

We also have a human sister Tiffany , she is 18, and a human brother Chris, he is 9. We are all great friends . We play with Tiffany different than we do with anyone else , cause she has Cerebral Palsey. She is easy with us too.We play with Chris ,like we play with Daddy ,we get rough.Mama is our special friend, she washes us , and fixes our booboo's and she rubbs our hiney's and all those good spots we cant reach.My big brother Chris is really growing up fast, and he loves to ride his BMX bike, he also races his bike, and he gets large trophys. Check out these cool links , and come back often .This page is like Disney World , Always Under Construction.

My New Sister Shelby
Hot in Texas !
Sleepin & Slobberin
My Big Sister ,Tiffany
My Life Jacket

Tiffany Christmas 1997
Me & My Brother Chris, with Moms Cantelopes that she grew in her garden, I helped her , when she watered the garden , I would lay in the mud under the sprinkles of water.This was the coolest spot in Texas .


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