Letter # 2
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Letter # 2

Carlos M. Allende

RF 1 Box 223

New Kensington, Pa.

Dear Mr. Jessup:

Having just recently gotten home from my long travels around the country I find that you had dropped me a card. You ask that I write you "at once" and So after taking everything into consideration, I have decided to do so. You ask me for what is tantamount to positive proof of something that only the duplication of those devices that produced "This phenomenon" could ever give you. at least, were I of scientific bent, I presume that, were I of Such a Curiosity about something, the which has been produced from a theory that was discarded (1927) as incomplete, I am sure that I would be of such a dubiousness that I would Have to be shown those devices that produced such a curious interaction of Forces & Fields, in operation & their product Mr.Jessup, I could NEVER possibly satisfy such an attitude. The reason being that I could not, Nor ever would the Navy Research Dept. (Then under the present boss of the Navy, Burke) ever let it be know that any such thing was ever allowed to be done. For you see, It was because of Burke's Curiosity & Willingness & prompting that this experiment was enabled to be carried out. It proved a White-elephant but His attitude towards advanced & ultra-advanced types of research is just "THE" THING that put him where he is today. (Or at least, to be sure, It carries a great weight). Were the stench of such an Experiments results EVER to come out, He would be crucified.

However, I have noticed, That throo the ages, those who have had this happen to them, once the vulgar passions that caused the reaction have colled-off AND further research OPENLY carried on, that these crucified ones achieve something akin to Sainthood. You say that this, "is of the greatest importance". I disagree with you Mr. Jessup, not just whole Heartedly, but vehemently. However at the same time, your ideas & your own sort of curiosity is that of mine own sort and besides my disagreement is based upon philosophical Morality and not upon that curiosity which Drives Science so rapidly. I can be of some positive help to you in myself but to do so would require a hypnotist, Sodium Pentathol, a tape recorder & an excellent typist-secretary in order to produce material of Real value to you.

As you know one who is hypnotized cannot Lie and one who is both hypnotized AND given "Truth serum" as it is colloqually know COULD NOT POSSIBLY LIE, AT ALL. To boot, My Memory would be THUS enabled to remember things in such great detail, things that my present conciousness cannot recall at all, or only barely and uncertainly that it would be of far greater benifit to use hypnosis. I could thus be enabled to not only Recall COMPLETE Names, but also addresses & telephone numbers AND perhaps the very important Z numbers of those sailors of those sailors whom I sailed with them or even came into contact with. I could too, being something of a Dialectician, be able to thusly talk exactly as these witnesses talked and imitate or illustrate their Mannerisms & Habits of thought, thus your psychologists can figure IN ADVANCE the Surefire method of dealing Most Successfully with these. I could NOT do this with someone with whom I had not observed at length & these men, I lived with for about 6 months, so you are bound to get good to excellent results. The mind does NOT ever forget, Not really, as you know. Upon this I suggest this way of doing this with Myself but further, the Latter usage of Myself in Mannerism & Thought pattern illustration is suggested in order that the Goal of inducing these Men to place themselves at & under your disposal (HYPNOTICALLY OR UNDER TRUTH SERUM) is a goal, the Which could Have Far greater impact, due to co-relation of Expieriences remembered hypnotically by men who have NOT seen or even written to each other, at all, for nearly or over TEN years.In this, With such Men as Witnesses, giving irreffutable testimony It is my belief that were Not the Navy, but the Airforce, confronted with such evidence, (IE Chief of Research) there would be either an uproar or a quiet and determined effort to achieve SAFELY "that which" the Navy failed at. They did NOT fail to, I hope you realize, achieve Metalic & organic invisibility nor did they fail to, unbesoughtedly, achieve transportation of thousands of tons of Metal & Humans at an eyes blink speed. Even though this later effect of prolonged experimentation was (to them) The thing that caused them to consider the experiment as a failure, I BELIEVE THAT FURTHER EXPERIMENTS WOULD NATURALLY HAVE PRODUCED CONTROLLED TRANSPORT OF GREAT TONAGES AT ULTRA-FAST SPEEDS TO A DESIRED POINT THE INSTANT IT IS DESIRED throo usage of an area covered by: (1) those cargoes and (2) that "Field" that could cause those goods, Ships or Ship parts (MEN WERE TRANSPORTED AS WELL) to go to another Point. Accidentally & to the embarrassed perplexity of the Navy THIS HAS ALREADY HAPPENED TO A WHOLE SHIP, CREW & ALL. I read of this AND of THE OFF - BASE AWOL ACTIVITIES OF THE crew-Men who were at the time invisible in a Philadelphia NEWSPAPER. UNDER NARCO-HYPNOSIS I CAN BE ENABLED TO DIVULGE THE NAME, DATE, & SECTION & PAGE NUMBER of that Paper & the other one. Thus this papers "Morgue" will divulge EVEN MORE POSITIVE PROOF ALREADY PUBLISHED of this experiment. The Name of the REPORTER who skeptically covered & wrote of these incidents (OF THE RESTAURANT - BARROOM RAID WHILE INVISIBLE & OF THE SHIPS SUDDEN AWOL) AND WHO INTERVIEWED the Waitresses CAN THUS BE FOUND, thus HIS and the Waitresses testimony can be added to the Records. Once on this track, I believe That you can uncover CONSIDERABLY MORE evidence to sustain this - - - - (what would you call it - - SCANDAL or DISCOVERY?) You would Need a Dale Carneigie to Maneuver these folks into doing just as you wish. It would be cheaper than paying everyone of all these witnesses & Much more Ethical. The Idea Is, to the Layman type of person, utterly ridiculous. However, can you remember, all by yourself, the Date of a newspaper in which you saw an interesting item more than 5 years ago? Or recall names of Men, their phone #s that you saw in 1943 - 44.

I do hope you will consider this plan. You will Progress as Not possible in any other way. Of course, I realize that you would need a Man Who can cause people to want to have fun, to play with Hypnotism, one that can thusly those he - you need to: #1 come to His Demonstration & thus call on them to be either or both "Honored" as Helping with the show" & for doing Him a Great favor, &/or being part of the act for the mite of a small fee He would HAVE to be a Man of such an adroit ingenuity at Manufacturing a plausable story on the-instant-he-sizes-up-his" personality-to be dealt with THAT had cost PLENTY. The ability to convince people of an outright Lie as being the absolute truth would be one of his prime prerequisites. (Ahem.) Yes, some such skulduggery would have to be thought well out & done. THE ULTIMATE END WILL BE A TRUTH TOO HUGE, TOO FANTASTIC, TO NOT BE TOLD. A WELL FOUNDED TRUTH, BACKED UP BY UNOBFUSCATIVE PROOF POSITIVE. I would like to find where it is that these sailors live NOW. IT is known that some few people can somehow tell you a mans name & His Home address UNDER HYPNOSIS EVEN THOUGH NEVER HAVING EVER MET OR SEEN THE PERSON. These folks have a very high or just a high PSI factor in their make-up that can be intensified under stress or strain OR that usually is intensified under extreme fright. It also can be Re-intensified by Hypnosis, thus is like reading from the Encyclopedia Britanica. Even though that Barroom-Restaurant Raid was staged by invisible or partly invisible men, those men CAN SEE EACH OTHER THUS NAMES, In the excitement, were sure to have been Mentioned, whether last or first Names or nicknames. A check of the Naval Yards Dispensories or Hospital of aid stations or prison RECORDS of that particular day that the Barroom-Restaurant occured May reveal the EXACT NAMES OF PRECISELY WHO WERE THE MEN, THEIR SERVICE SERIAL NUMBERS & THUS THE INFORMATION ON WHERE THEY ARE FROM BE SECURED & by adroit "Maneuverings" of those still at Home, THE NAME OF THE PLACE where they are at present can be secured.

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO ACTUALLY SPEAK TO (or some of THE MEN) A MAN WHO WAS ONCE AN INVISIBLE HUMAN BEING? (MAY BECOME SO IN FRONT OF YOUR VERY EYES IF HE TURNS-OFF HIS HIP SET) Well, all this fantastically Preposterous sort of rubbish will be necessary, Just to do that, the hypnotist-psychologist & all that. Maybe I suggest something too thorough & too Methodical for your taste but then, I, as first subject, Don't care to be Hypnotized at all, But too, feel that certain pull of curiosity about this thing that, to me, is irresistable. I want to crack this thing wide open. My reasons are simply to enable more work to be done upon this "Field Theory."

I am a star-gazer Mr. Jessup. I make no bones about this and the fact that I feel that IF HANDLED PROPERLY, I.E. PRESENTED TO PEOPLE & SCIENCE IN THE PROPER PSYCHOLOGICALLY EFFECTIVE MANNER, I feel sure that Man will go where He now dreams of being - to the stars via the form of transport that the Navy accidentally stumbled upon (to their embarrassment) when their EXP. SHIP took off & popped-up a minute or so later on several Hundred sea travel-trip miles away at anothe rof its Berths in the Chesapeake Bay area. I read of this in another news paper & only by Hypnosis could any Man remember all the details of which paper, date of occurance & etc., you see? Eh. Perhaps already, the Navy has used this accident of transport to build your UFO's. It is a logical advance from any standpoint. What do you think???


Carl Allen

Email: defcon13@hotmail.com