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~Tina's Home Page~

Hello people!
I'm a 27 year old Female from Florida... Come on... Ask me anything. I'll try to answer your questions. Check out my friend's web pages have some pretty cool stuff on them. Oh if you have ICQ, then Please call me at 3979223. All are welcomed and none turned away!And look back because by this time next year i'll be selling seeds over the net; will make new page for that one.

Thanks all Peace On
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January 14,98


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Cool Raido Talk show

The Metamorphic Shift Band

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All my pets

  • I have a Chow Dog!
  • A Horse!
  • A lazy old Pig!
  • My Kitten!
  • And last but not least 3 furry Ferrets!!!!

Tina Morse@Hotmail.com

"Tina's Answering Machine"

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