Mystikal, born Micheal Tyler, is originally from New Orleans, his history is a little similar to Young Bleed. Mystikal grew up in New Orleans, where he started rapping in local talent shows at a young age. He used the name Mystikal Mike, and he was beginning to make an impression at the talent showcases when he met producer DJ Precise, who got him a record deal. Mystikal was the one of the first rappers from New Orleans to get nationwide exposure. He released his first album, "Mind Of Mystikal" in 1994 on Big Boy Records. Once he started gettin some recogintion he then signed a contract with the well known Jive Records where "Mind Of Mystikal" was re-released with a few extra cuts. After being shipped out from Fort Hood in Texas, Mystikal served time in Operation Desert Storm. Although he did not serve of the frontline, he served as a combat technician for eight months of his active duty. Mystikal says he got a first-hand experience of death and destruction war deals out. He says that when things got too rough for them to handle, some troops turned to rapping. This is where he got his idea to form his original crew, the Boot Camp Clicc. Mystikal made his 1st appearance on No Limit Records, on Steady Mobb'n's album, Pre-Meditated Drama on a song called "Its On". He then reappeared on the "Bout It" soundtrack on "What 'Cha Think". After hearing the song, P was quoted as saying, "this is the type of lyrics that should be said on my label". In a Rolling Stone article, P said him and Mystikal share a bond and can relate to one another well because they both had siblings who were murdered. P's brother Kevin as ya know and Mystikal's sister Michelle Tyler. Mystikal's tale is a lil deeper because his sister was murdered by her boyfriend, (Damion Neville, grandson of the Neville Brothers' Charles). Mystikal tells the whole story in "Murder 2". Michelle makes an appearance on Mystikal's 1st album on a song called "Not That Nigga" where she sings the chorus. Now featured on No Limit Records courtesy of Jive records he released his first album as a No Limit souljah. Unpredictable has been doin well and he just released another album, Ghetto Fabulous , due out on October 24th but due to unknown reasons was released on Dec. 15th. Recently, Mystikal is said to have unoffically left No Limit records due to many reasons. For one, he only signed a two album record deal with No Limit. Another reason would be due to the fact that he is said to have be frustrated with spending most of his time writing verses for his appearances on other fellow No Limit labelmates albums and not having enough time to write lyrics for his own album. Mystikal's new album album, "Lets Get Ready To Rumble," due out November 30th is said to be released on Jive Records.