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Myquill's Diatonic Harmonica Reference

These pages cover the diatonic harmonica, from beginning tips to advanced techniques, with harp-related music theory, in-depth discussions, and sample sound clilps of dozens of different techniques.  There is advice to help you choose which harp to get, what keys to get first, and much more.  Remember, "You've never got it; you're just getting it better and better."

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Featured Song The LORD's Prayer

We breathe through the harmonica,

Our breath gives life to the music,


within it.

Without eyes or fingers

we search and probe its


with our mind and tongue,

our determination,

our heart.

Mike Will

We surround it with our hands;

embrace it with our lips;

hide it

from the world.

We are deceived by its simplicity,

moulded by its trickery,

daunted by its complexity,

joyful at its capacity

to speak


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