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tIf you are hot on the trail for information on the 
Murder of Evan Chan,
rest assured that the Evan Chan referenced on these pages is alive and well (to the best of my knowledge), and although in college, he is living in the year 2001 (and probably won't make it to 2141).

Yes, I am a CloudMaker, and I noticed that my hit counter went crazy on these dead pages.  Enjoy the hunt for the truth about Spielburg's vision of Kubrick's vision of the future.

If you came here for the 
Babylon 5 CCG
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This page is just taking up cyberspace at this point.
I may or may not be putting a real page here.
If you are here for 
Babylon 5 CCG
or the
A.I. Movie game
(Evan Chan hit on your browser)
follow the embedded links, or the links at the top.


If you came here for a ChurchBass member page, 
you were not steered wrong.
This page will be converted to a Bass Playing page as soon as I have some content.
Meantime these tidbits:

I am the main bassist for Life Community Church La Porte, Texas.
I play a Fender Mexi-Jazz in Midnite Blue through a Eden WT 300 into an Eden 210XT and a Trace 15" cabinet.
We play some CCM, Contemporary Praise and Worship, some Hymns, and I also play for the Youth Service.

The ChurchBass mailing list can be reached through their webpage:
 ChurchBass Homepage 


Visitors since 5/16/2001 

Hey! e-mail me! if you  have questions or information to share.

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