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Other Poems

Pains of Sorrow

My head won't leave my head alone
Take this soul that you control
In my head and in my soul
I'm wanting your control
What I've known, what I've felt
Never displayed in what I've shown

My pain won't ease my pain today
Take this soul and take away
In my mind and in my heart
I want you to take apart
What I've seen, what I've done
Never displayed in what I'd meal

My tears won't wash my tears away
My sight's for you to let go blind
In my words and in my eyes
I want you to decieve lies
What I've made, what I've loved
Never stepped on what I've laid

So...please, please save me one breath
These tears are what I have left, and
In this puddle of sorrow
I drown unto the morow

Please, please save me one heartbeat
These dreams are what I conciet
In this dream of all my knowledge
I'm stabbed by my memory's college

Please, please save me one thought
I've begun my memories sought
My own breath is bleeding me
And now my blood is feeding me

Bathed in the aura of my desires
As my life passing sparks eternal fires
I know its time for me to consume
The other world from my resting tomb

What I See

I see others, kin to me, fighting
Growing anger between the love that once grew
I see the fire that burns away the night
That perfect night we thought would always be there
A mother, angered by what is unknown to me
Me? Is it me that she's mad at?
My father hasn't smiled since I was born
My sister, does she know I'm alive?
My brother, who is he? A man who doesn't except
me the way that I am...

Must I see such hatred in the world I live in
Why must I be the creator of such affliction
Clashing souls, crashing hearts together make
Another sunny day seem cloudy with rain to pour
The tears I feel
A simple person am I, with great expectations
A person with a heart, feelings, thoughts of his own
Can they see me, as an equal
Not a dump for anger and abuse
Tears flow like the mighty Mississippi,
The rivers upon my face tell the age of this heart
Three times the age of my body
Will I ever smile, God I pray to you
What have I done to make such waring appear
Shall I disappear

Years ago, once my friend, now my angel
A grandmother hovers in between time,
As I await to meet my only friend again
The only one who understood, the only one
Who never became upset at my loving actions
But now she has past to another world of love
I wanna be there, can I, God?
Please take me, I wanna be loved
I wanna see that love
I am tired, tired of hate

I am left here without my friend, but
I have not forgotten the simple deeds of love we spent
Why can't my people, the ones I see, be the ones who love me
Must I live on in world where I must hide, when
A brother comes home, or a father, even a mother
My sister, well she doesn't know I exist
I wanna cry, I wanna

Twelve years in the making, a party for my graduation
People shall come together to celebrate
Celebrate what?
My family, the ones I see, hold a party
For a brother who comes home for the first time
Since his party
Where do I fit in?
What happened to my party, mom, dad?
Everyone sees a sister engaged, a brother home from war
Parents so proud
But they don't see me
But I see them...
With a diploma in my hand, all I gave in this world
I talk to those people who came their party,
Still dressed in cap and gown am I, smiling
But all they say to me is,
"It's good to see your brother home,
I am really happy for your sister."
What about me...
Who's proud of me on this lonely earth
This is the world I see...
Does anyone see me


Live the death of many dreams
Hear the voice of all your screams
Drown yourself in nights of scares
Be the one who always dares

Tremble inside your inner fears
Drop the last of all your tears
Rage the blessings of the day
Feel the hate that's on your way

Taste the evil in a kiss
Let the whispers yell in bliss
Touch your feelings in your heart
And let the tears of blind depart

Conceive the magic from your soul

And let your feelings forever know

Kill the sorrow in your mind

Answers in your soul you will find

Breathe the breath of suffocation

Ignore the meaning of lituragation

Share the shackles of sinking shame

Tear the ties that terror tame

Buster Bradley

At an age I can't remember
A man I met in late December
Came to me with his wife at hand
For me to write his demand

It was everyday for me
But only Sunday for he
Though, through the holidays and over time
Our knowledge would begin to rhyme

More and more I understood
The more 'could's' I should
And his stories of the past
Came to my memories last

Friendship grew over time like an aging sweet wine
And he gave me a dime for me to keep forever mine

What was one month, became four
He left his mark as he went out the door
Always with his wife at side
Keeping that forever knot tied

When the day was fearingly cold
He found his wife was dearly sold
And there he stood without a sound
Watching her take her place in the ground

As I took his demand
There was no wife at hand
But there he sat thinking so lonely
Because he had just lost his one and only

He spoke his mind to me
And reached my heart and I could see
His life was not yet ending
Many a more dimes he'll be sending

He finished his meal and off he went
To make sure his life would be well spent
So without a sound he tipped his hat and left with might
Quietly and slowly he walked his way out and followed the light

Till next Sunday when we meet again
Waiting for what knowledge we might begin

The Winds of Destiny

The winds of destiny blew the curtains at my window
Giving the mind a stare at midnight innuendo
Slowly as the dust deteariates the emotions of love
My sight focuses on the current of fate's turn
Insightfully the hugs and kisses begin to shove
Away the knowledge that will soon help our memories burn
Carried into the stress which binds us to be one
Blindness forever in the rain of pain on the run
My god seems to look the other direction
As she stands awaiting for someone else's heart
To the mixture of wandering souls for one's collection
And walking slowly into the grave for soon depart
Holding on to the needs for wronging the alright
To the end of time will promises blind the sight
Prayers of disbelief approve the sins of you
Yet my endless nights wandering through racing thoughts
Begs me to fall on my knees and pray on through
In this heart of lost minds my reason spots
The truth hiding behind the eyes of the beholder
Only skin deep they say with voices a bit colder
Crisp is the night with your arms entangled with my soul
Forever this feeling of falling into something so deep
Just a single drop of your love for me to control
In this dream as the winds of destiny blow in my sleep

The Stains of Memories

A timely pass the time for mystery
A nightly cold brought forth the tears another
A moment pass the end of destiny
As deeply rooted among the other
Forgotten the moments of timely spent
But treasure that which will always remain
Then again upon which path they all went
Forever the thoughts shall memory stain

A Lonely Heart of a Lost Soul

A trail of smoke points a path of desperation
Over hands and feet covered in neglect
A hair out of place on the face of a crying child
Aline in the dark, alind in the crowd

A trail of tears paints a road of disfiguration
Rivering down a bruised heart in emptiness
A runny nose sniffling of ensickened love gone wild
And still...bellied up in a corner, another tear falls

Slight rejoice is left unsaid
Slight remorse hits the spot
Alone...all alone, with place to go, but nowhere to be found
People to see, but nobody to know
Things to do, but nothing is left

So cold inside, the hate begins to overcome
And thoughts of love deminish slowly
Lonely legs walk along a sidewalk hoping to be found
Tiny hands clasp the air in aggravation
Eyes staring into space but only seeing the dark streets...

Wavering hands depart a smiling man
A wish is made to atleast hear a sound...of love
From a stance at a distance
The gloom set in...

Losing Fade

These days pass the night away
As the winds blow in the day
A thoughtless mind sits still
Losing reality finding what's real
Not a thought through the day
Nor a long and winding pathway
Leisure lost in hobbies trade
I cross the choice to fade