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Dead to the world and living in hell
Loving the pain with every nail
Take it slow, but make it fast
See the future from the past
See the blind, live the death
Speak the deaf with every breath

Tell the truth, hide the lies
Tell the world with all your cries
Blood with blood, yell for yell
Always wish in a wishing well

Make a wish and hope tonight
Feel the nails with all your might
Faith in you, trust in He
Follow the well and you will see

Keep it up, but take it down
Feel the nails all around
In your feet, in your hand
Make yourself understand
Forever is - death today
Never will revenge way

Tunnel in, hallway out
Heaven is what its all about

The Good Ones Go First

Hanging in the greatest pain
Looking down to those many eyes
As they watched in helpless vain
As others said their goodbyes

On his bed, he gave a look
To his wife by his side
One minute was all it took
When you would have then cried

To the Lord

To the Lord when I believe
Take me and help relieve
Love only what I am
Not what I do to damn
the things on your earth
Please give me new birth
Forgive me for I have sinned
As sure as the devil's wind
To the light I will follow
As the body of Christ I'll swallow
In the name of you
I will see my life through
Amen to thy prayer said
Watch over me and help be fed
For I am yours now and forever
My soul from sin will dissever
In the name of the Father and the Son
And to the Holy Spirit and to job well done
Amen, Amen
Hollowed be thy name
Amen, Amen
Love me just the same
Amen, Amen....

Where Has My Angel Been?

I pray at night hoping for help to come
Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever see
What dreams can be made of when they come true
Or if I'll ever be my destiny
There I am, down on my knees still prayin'
With my hands together, my heart wide open
The darkness of the room covers my face
In that room I'm still kneeling and hopin'
For a small miracle to shine on me
And help me survive the clutches of life
Looking up at the sky, looking for me
I crawl out of the firey pits into strife
I talk to God night and day, day and night
But sometimes it feels like there's no one there
Praying throughout the minutes that pass
Life just doesn't ever seem to be fair

As I walk into the parks and see those smiles
I see that their prayers have come true
And there I stand asking God once again
If He can answer my prayers, too
I work my body to sleep without complaints
And I take time to pray every single night
My mind and soul are drenched in true faith
Trying to reach that everlasting light
Outside I give out a smile for them to see
But inside my tears fall upon my heart
No one ever sees the tears that always fall
No one sees that I am falling apart
I close my eyes and I see an angel
Then I open them to my pitch black room
My minds on God, my heart is for his hands
Yet, all alone I still feel this gloom
At times I feel I'm at the end of the line
Waiting for something that I won't receive
I ask myself to quit but never do
My heart then tells me to always believe
Or is that an Angel...telling me to always believe

True Jesus

Wooden intersection longitudinal
Hanging as one with pain and steel
A crown only a true king would wear
A look only a real man can give
A journey only a true heart can stand

Gravitated towards those that betrayed
Laughed upon by fools he loved
Mourned by those who believed
That magice will happen in the air

Limits of the sky could not hide
The blood that seeped from his hands
The pain that grew from his feet
The love that came from his heart

But without a sound he stood the test of time
Nailed to a cross that held his body
But not his heart nor his soul