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Love in my heart is entangled
With the joy of dreams
My pain lingers in my knowledge
And the sorrow falls
The light never shines upon me
The candle's burning
Hidden in darkness I can see
The truth of the lies
But beneath the skin there showing
Deeds of difference
Departing on my thinking mind
My sight has been lost
Clouded by the fears of unknown
I stand in my tears
Unable to find what's missing
Lies are what's hidden
Behind memories tears appear
Falling down forever
The rose of dawn shines on my soul
Blossoming lovely
I can see the the distant future
Passing by my past
In the horizon of beauty
The wings soar for glory
Too many emotions revealed
Too many controlled
I'm all entangled in my heart
And nightmares still rage

Life Tragics On

Despite failures and deaths
Sorrows of lost breaths
Life walks its way to tomorrow
Yet, leaving behind the trailing sorrow
Close thine eyes and see your goals
Trying to fulfill other souls
Life slowly but surely passes you by
With each loved one that shall soon die
Engather together the pieces of heart
Then carry on with a new chapter to start
Forever written in the sands of time
Killing thine own self without pretty crime
Never drown in thine own tears
Nor encage thineself in fears
Let the skeletons of the closets walk
Here's the key to help your heart unlock
Don't look back, just keep on going
One step backward, nothing showing
Just take your steps and carry on
Life Tragics On

As you reflect upon the roads you took
You'll see what could've happened with a deeper look
But that's okay, its not too strange
Many wonder too much on what should change
Just pick up your tears and smiles, and fly
From you heart, and don't be shy
Let yourself out every once in a while
And in the mirror you'll often see a smile
Count the stars or watch the sunset
Just don't ever let in regret
Separation from loved ones will appear
But in your heart they'll always be near
Everyday is another day to capture
If failed, fallen into reminiscent's rapture
Worry not what might've been
Today will never come again
Look ahead and keep on going
One step backward, nothing showing
Just take your steps and carry on
Life Tragics On


Another day, Another deed
Another devil's grin of greed
A call of luv, A call 4 need
Another teer for us to bleed

A darkened day, A darkened nite
'Nother worry for us to fite
A grip at neck, A grip so tite
Another grip that takes our might

A life of luv, a life of lies
Hip-notized by each other's eyes
Another falls, Another cries
Another day when victim dies

Midnite's worried of
The Night of Mid
As the coming of those who know
Arrives to those who are
Another vessel sets sail upon the sea of white


The reasons lie
Beneath the truthful words of spoken
But the distance
Overbearing release of emotions unknown,
Never did I see
What mattered amongst the soil we bestow
Never did realize
What didn't matter as dust blows in our paths
Still the countless days
Befall my soul yearning the simple touch
A familiar
May erode the memories of old
Ah, yes...but the nights cast the shadow of journey
To the stars
I will make my shadow dance
Dance the night away
Awaiting the horizon to cleanse the past away
And a new beginning is born with the rising day

Hatred Why?

So soon the rain comes
Overbearing the dryness of the ground
Pouring down upon the plants
And into the water the roots then drown
Water upon water upon soil
Forever coming down
Every beautiful and sunny day
Brings forth another rainy day

As soon as the rain comes
The clouds slowly blanket the morning sky
Disperse their seeds of rain
Upon the ground where the trees there lie
Its just another rainy day
That pushes aside our sunny day
Shaded from the sun under the rain
Pouring down our gloomy pain
Its just another day of rain

False Truths

Upon a sparkle she lives as my guiding light
Taking my breath away, weakening my might
Defenseless against her sweet loving ways
I begin to wonder about those who don't stay
Is she another girl who will just will leave
In her breath of love can I believe
The tingle that flows throughout
My body when she touches me, without a doubt
I know she's the one. But the one am I?
But if I'm not, won't she just lie
To my heart and make believe in her mind
That she can never leave me behind

A Fall Into Love

A taste of Heaven waits upon her lips
Paradise dreams waterfalls my mind
One thought causes great ecstasy and restrains my trips
Love in her eyes and in her heart my life I find


Always we need someone to believe
Someone to love
In this world too many dead ends
Too many tears
We all lose faith at one point
We give in
But with all the love unseen
Souls begin to wander
Away to the grave for a resting place
Yells, fire, greed, hatred
Coil in people's heart and control
Confused on matter unneeded
All underlying
The beings of us, inside us, within us
But why?
Belief in leisure in time of prayer
Rage not love
What we become for not listening
Unreal this day
That we throw our minds to the side
Where are we heading for what we're doing
Controlled by distractions left alone
Death is the only thing that shows as a gift


Scared into fear
Feared into fright
A seeping tear
Breaks the might

Decaying into the night
To cover the healing light

Running away
Hoping to hide
From light of day
Then put pride aside

Accidents come, purposely done, accidently lied
All in the plan to satisfy for surely tried

Flashbacks gone through
The minds of old
Death comes true
The heart is sold

Inside the truth of memories fold
Lying upon midnights gold