TeJaNo ToUcH

Stefani Jennifer Y Los Jetz
Tejano Music is a unique blend of various types of music set to the thump of a bajo sexto and the groove of the accordion. It encompasses traditional themes found in country music and common love songs all set to the Spanish language.

The Tejano music industry has seen the likes of stardom through the works of Emilio & Selena . It is a surging music that sees no end in site.

Eddie Gonzales aka The Dancing Cowboy

It maintains professionalim through artist such as David Lee Garza y Los Musicales and Mazz and vibrating performances by Eddie Gonzales and the up and comming Grupo Vida.

Most shows are in a dance-type format as opposed to the arena performance. This allows for the fans to show their stuff while dancing Tejano which is an art in itself. David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales

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