Book I: Men In Blue
A cop has been shot--cold-bloodedly gunned down while trying to prevent a holdup. Regulations say the investigation is to be handled like any other homicide. But when a cop is killed in the line of duty, it is different. And the brotherhood in blue will stop at nothing to bring the killer to justice.

Book II: Special Operations
A vicious madman is on a kidnapping and rape spree. Inspector Peter Wohl, commander of the new Special Operations task force, is determined to stop the maniacal reign of violence, facing off against a desperate public, a hostile press and reluctant witnesses.

Book III: The Victim
"Tony the Zee" DeZego is found dead and bleeding on the concrete, and it is clear that it was a Mafia hit. But one puzzling fact remains: Penny Detweiler, a wealthy debutante involved with DeZego, was also shot. Policeman Matt Payne is a prime suspect--even by the police!

Book IV: The Witness
Officer Matt Payne is assigned to protect a witness to a robbery and murder of an innocent bystander by terrorists. In a deadly confrontation, Payne kills one of the terrorists . . . and his hame is added to their hit list.

Book V: The Assassin A perfectly typed bomb threat makes its way to the Philadelphia Police
Department--the calling card of a political assassin on the loose. It couldn't happen at a worse time, since a rogue cop has brought corruption into the force. The police can't trust their own people as seconds tick away toward an explosion that could rock the nation.

Book VI: The Murderers
A vice cop is shot dead in his home. A bar owner and his wife are gunned down during a robbery. And in a mansion, a young woman dies of a heroine overdose. The crimes seem unconnected. But these deaths are about to trigger a convergence of corruption, cops, and the mob that could tear the Philadelphia Police Department apart from the inside out.

Book VII: The Investigators
Circumstances force Special Operations detective Matt Payne and his colleagues into the middle of two major cases simultaneously. With the commission of a brutal crime, an ongoing investigation into a squad of dirty cops suddenly turns ugly, and Payne must track down a key piece of evidence before things become even worse. He soon comes to realize that it may take all of his skills not only to prevail--but to survive.

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