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My 1st Award ~*~ Market-Tek Design Award-Recieved on November 1, 1997 ~*~
~*~ Thank You so very much ~*~
GraphX Kingdom Select Site Award
~*~ GraphX Kingdom Select Site Award-Recieved November 15, 1997 ~*~

~*~ Catskill Herbs 'n SpiceŠ~*~ Received this award on December 22, 1997 ~*~

~*~Thank You Charles for being so Kind Hearted and for all your help~*~

~*~ Smootch Award~*~Recieved this award on Jan. 4, 1998 ~*~

Thank you LipStick, I think you are a Special Lady!!

~*~Foxywoman Award~*~Recieved this award on Jan. 7, 1998 ~*~Thank you, Karen ~*~Hummer Award~*~Recieved this award on Jan.12,1998 ~*~Thank you, Linda

~*~Cyber Teddy Award~*~ Best Original Design Recieved this award on March 16,1998 ~*~Thank you, Jennifer

~*~Fear Not Firefighters Web Site Award~*~Recieved on Nov. 30 1998~*~Thank you, Wendy

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