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The Commissar's Quarters

Why aren't you playing ASL? Well, at least you're looking at something related to the greatest game of all time. You've found the place where I keep tabs on you guys, my secret files. Below you should find links for the phone list and ladder, along with other useful stuff I hope. In the future, I hope to have pictures from some of our meetings here as well. Stay tuned.

Don't make me open this!

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Some Useful Links

The Austin ASL Club Home Page
ASL Gameday Reports
Austin ASL FAQ
A 7-0's Handbook of Useful Links
Houston ASL Club
My "Wanna Play" List
Michael Licari explains why house rules are bad
Michael Licari has some good thoughts on realism arguments too
HOW Playtest Pictures
More Pictures
Mike Seningen's web site
New Pictures!
ROAR (Remote On-line Automated Record)
My ongoing list of pet peeves
Some Good Books to Read
Mark Pitcavage's Excellent ASL site
Hell on Wheels Scenario Pack Product Review
Texas Military Forces Museum

Some Other Worthwhile Links

Save Our Springs