2002 Acura 3.2 TL Type-S


Well, here's the Acura on August 3, 2001

UPDATE - July 22, 2001

The choice has been made, and I have decided upon the Acura above the Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo, Nissan, or Honda. In the end I went with a black on black TL-S. I'll put something up later, I'm in a bit of a hurry right now.

Vehicle Description

I almost didn’t even look at the Acura TL. Up until this new 2002 model, I’ve not been a fan of their styling, and thought that the base MSRP of $29,360 was far too high. Then I looked closer, and realized that everything comes standard on these vehicles. Leather, 6-Disc Autochanger, power everything, 5-speed SportShift transmission, HID Headlights, sunroof – everything that is even an option on every other vehicle is standard on the TL, save for Audi’s AWD setup. The Type-S has a significantly improved engine, sport-tuned suspension, torque-based power steering, steel-faced gauges, ebony wood accents, 17-inch wheels, and a traction system known as Vehicle Stability Assist. The only option is an unnecessary DVD-based Navigation system. Aside from that, the vehicle comes fully loaded.

Test Drive Impressions

Driving this vehicle is a pleasure in traffic or flying down a winding road. The clutchless manual shifting is as close to driving a manual as I’ve ever seen in an auto. Driving with it can reportedly improve fuel mileage, as well. The feel of the car is amazing, the materials are top notch. The Type-S blows the competition away with its price/feature ratio, and as can be seen above, its price per horse is the lowest of the nine vehicles.



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