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UPDATE - August 13, 2001

I've implemented some huge changes to the structure of the photo albums on this web page. In an effort to spare people time and effort, I have outsourced this function to Image Station, a site which allows the creation of photo albums. So far I have five albums, the Europe Trip, Acura TL-S, 1995 Defender, 1997 Defender, and the May 2001 Desert Mountain Trip

UPDATE - August 1, 2001

So much for relaxing during the summer! Between school and work, I leave my apartment at 9 and don't see it until, at the earlierst, 7 PM. I'm loving work, can't say the same about my classes. Eventwise, the summer is pretty uneventful. I don't really have the time to have events occur.

Just to consider how fast time flies, Jamie and I are quickly running up on our six month anniversary! I can't believe we're already up on it. I would tell you what I got her, but she's better than the CIA at ruining surprises, so I'm keeping my mouth shut on this one.

In other news, I've got both of my new vehicles (finally!) in my possession. The Acura TL-S continues to be an amazing mode of daily transport. The speed and steering on that car are amazing, and the comfort level is above and beyond for its price range. Though it may not look it, the Formula 1-derived technology shows on the road, much to the chagrin of vanity-plated, yuppie-leased 3-Series BMWs.

The '95 Defender just found its way back into my care today after two weeks in Land Rover Austin's service bay. Needless to say, it is now fully loaded with almost all of the amenities of the '97 - tires, suspension, ARB, et cetera. The accessories pop far more on the AA yellow paint job, and the manual is a divine gift after the crappy 4-speed V-8 that controlled the '97.

I'm hoping to have pictures of both vehicles up soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

UPDATE - July 22, 2001

Well, I've been back in Austin for a week now after returning from my fun-filled European vacation. I will try to put some pictures up soon, but things are pretty hectic at summer school. Accounting isn't bad, but Government 310 must be some obscure ring of hell from Dante's Inferno. Work is going well, and I'm really loving the Land Rover account. The only downside is that I have little spare time to run around and get errands run.

In other news, Land Rover Austin has my 1995 D-90, which they are outfitting with all the goodies from the old one. No clue when it should be ready, so for the moment I'm in a 2001 Discovery II SE7. Come Wednesday, however, I'll be picking up my daily driver, a 2002 Acura 3.2 TL Type-S.

UPDATE - June 29, 2001

As of today I no longer own the 1997 Defender 90. The electrical system finally overwhelmed me, and here I am, trading with Land Rover Austin for a 1995 Defender 90. The 95's have the 5-speed LT77 transmission that I so adore, as well as the less computer-dependent 3.9L V-8. Everything from the '97 is being put on the '95, from the winch to the SG CB Antenna Bracket. Even the Borla is making it. So for now, check it out. I'll be off to Europe soon, so I won't be able to post many updates, but look for a full, all-out journal and photo log from the trip sometime in the next five years.

And my contact info is still right below if you need it.

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