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I. The Heavenly Choice.


(Words of Our Lord to Berthe Petit, 1874)


     Holy Scripture represents God in the Psalms as following the sons of men with ever-watchful care, attentive to their every action and answering their least efforts to pray. Turning with love towards His rebel sons, from the beginning He lets His voice be heard through marvels and through His prophets, until the day when He Himself, taking flesh in the womb of the virgin, tells men in human language of the love that fills His Heart.

Jesus, the Word Incarnate, has transmitted in all its completeness the Message He Himself had received from the Father: “Omnia quaecumque audivi a patre Meo, nota feci vobis.” “I have made known to you all that My Father has told me” (John, XV, 15). However, at the death of St. John, the last Apostle, the Divine Revelation was closed and sealed. Later ages could do no more than draw out its meaning. Though its riches are unfathomable, most men are too inattentive and superficial to sound the depths of the Gospel teaching; consequently, just as under the Old Law Prophets were sent by God to revive the faith and hope of His people, so in the New Dispensation Christ has given the Church the mission of interpreting His authentic words, and of revealing their depth and hidden meaning.