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Our Precious snuggle-bunny Harry...

After two months of mourning the loss of our beloved "Buns", we adopted two precious rescued rabbits from Bunny Buddies, a wonderful organization that rescues shelter bunnies and gives them a new lease on life. Sadly, we only got to enjoy Harry the fuzzy lop for one week.
He died unexpectedly and we are devastated. He showed no signs of illness except on the last day, he must have been feeling bad because he nipped both my daughter and I. This was so out of character for him, I thought he was just becoming territorial. I was initially afraid that the move to a new home scared him too much. We have an old dog that he could probably smell, but he stays away and leaves them alone. We had them in my daughters bathroom for peace and quiet. The next morning we found them snuggled next to each other. He seemed to be sleeping. It had just happened because he was still warm...My daughter and I cried and held him for two hours telling him what a good bunny he was and how much we loved him in such a short time We told him to play at the bridge with our other bunny "Buns" until we saw him again someday. My husband asked after watching me walk around crying for two days, "Why do you put yourself through this?" But anyone who has ever loved a bunny knows, no explanation is necessary... And for those poor souls who haven't, no explanation will ever be enough.
I still get wistful thinking about Harry. How I wish we still had him too! He would let you get your "snuggle with the bunny" fix for the day! he would sit in my lap for several hours if I was working at the computer. I don't regret adopting him, I loved the week we had together. I can't help but know that he was happy too. We will adopt rescue bunnies again, and I encourage anyone considering it to do so. The love they give outweighs the pain of their loss... I have this cute picture of the two of them snuggling that I hung over my kitchen sink. We will never forget you Harry...

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