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What is a Trucker?

Truckers are found on highways, in truckstops, in service bays, on loading docks, on bush roads at

fuel stops and often they are the first at the scene of an accident.Their wives/husbands help them. Little boys follow

them. Relatives donít understand them. Meals must wait for them. Weather can delay them.

But nothing can stop them.

A trucker is a paradox. He/She is a blue-jeaned executive with his office in the cab. He/She is a scientist who

hauls dangerous chemicals and explosives, a purchasing agent in a baseball cap, a personnel director with

grease under his/her fingernails, a poor eater with fondness for burgers and fries,

a student of geography and a weather watcher.

He/She likes sunshine, children, smooth pavement, good traction, clean loads, dinner at home, weekends

with his family, an unbuttoned shirt collar and country music.

And there is a special place in his/her heart for his rig.

He's/She's not fond of city traffic, tourists who are rotten drivers, fuel prices, dispatchers, snarly receivers,

kids in high powered cars and least of all drunk drivers.

Nobody else gets as much satisfaction out of talking about trucks, truckers, good weather, homemade

pie, strong coffee, kids, wives, sweethearts, and the price of fuel.

He/She is your friend and customer. He/She is your source of food, clothing, petroleum and natural resources.

In fact, nearly everything in your life arrived in his truck.

From Devious Jay's Trucking Page

A Truckers Prayer

Dear God above bless this truck I drive

And help me keep someone alive

Be my mortal sight this day

On streets where little children play

Bless my helper fast asleep

When the night is long and deep

And keep my cargo safe and sound

Through the hours big and round

Make my judgement sound as steel

And be my hands upon the wheel

Bless the traveler going past

And teach him not to go so fast

Give me the strength for every trip

So I may care for what they ship

And make me mindful every mile

That life is just a little while


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