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Lone Star Classics of SE. TX: May 18, 1997 - July 30, 2001

The dot-bomb craze might have claimed another victim, my online business.  Therefore, it lives on as Celestial Temple Classics, located at this URL:

LSC might be dead; however, the Chevelle Online Interchange Manual and hot list will be online.  As long as the dot-bombs continue to rise, all business transactions will be conducted on eBay.  The links are still active on the Chevelle pages, which has been unaltered since a backup link was established early this year.  LSCSETX has joined the list of dead businesses:

Globe (Houston, TX):  1954 - 1978
Hi-Lo Auto Parts (Houston, TX):  ? - 1996
Montgomery Ward:  1872 - 12/28/2000 (official closing:  Spring 2001)
Pettigrew-Smith Auto Parts:  ? - 1989
Sage (Houston, TX):  1962 - 1983
Weiner's: 1926 - 6/26/2001
Woolco:  1962 - 1982
Zindler's (Houston, TX):  1892 - 10/20/2000

The Way It Was

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