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Most of the body components have been abstracted from sources like the Hollander Interchange Manual, Chevrolet Parts Interchange Manual, and the Chevelle Archives. Some corrections have been made, because of my field experience, like the door handles.


*This piece is commonly interchangeable with all 1968 2-door hardtops/convertibles, and the vent wing assembly is a direct  interchange.

Note: 1968 was the only year that the vent assembly was present on a hardtop, before GM used the Astro Ventilation system on 1969 A-body hardtops. 1969-72 door glass, for the hardtop/convertible, is a one-piece design.

*The vent glass is a one-year item for 1968s, and this also holds true for the door glass. The window regulator (which has a crossarm assembly) and its parts are interchangeable with the following:
  • 1968-72 El Caminos
  • 1968 2-door hardtops/convertibles
  • 1968-72 pillared coupes built by the BOP marques.
  • There are two regulators used, one for manual windows, and one for a regulator with a power motor setup. Warning: If you end up with a four-door vent glass from a pillarless sedan (e.g the wrecking yard), or if someone has one for sale at a swap meet, don't buy it unless you want to use the parts from a 4-door hardtop sedan to repair an existing 2-door part!
    *Another interchangeable piece, in which these are the following vehicles listed:
  • 1968-72 A-body pillared coupes (like the Buick Skylark) would have the same glass assembly (includes the GMC Sprint)
  • Note: The vent assembly and its components will interchange. 4-door sedan and station wagon will not fit.
    *All A-body hardtops built by General Motors during this time period will interchange, and the 1970-72 Chevrolet Monte Carlo door glass will fit any 1970-72 A-body hardtop or convertible. The window regulator will also interchange (the regulator has only one arm).


    The quarter glass for 1968/69 Chevelle 2-door hardtops will interchange, and there is a rumor that the quarter glass from an Oldsmobile Cutlass 2-door hardtop will interchange with 1968/69 Chevelle hardtops. I have little knowledge for the Buick Skylark; it might interchange with the Chevelle, but the Chevelle glass (which is smaller) would not fit the Buick. Another note: the hardtop glass, which includes the 1968/69 Chevelle, will interchange with the 1968/69 Pontiac Beaumont (Pontiac of Canada), a Canadian built variant of the Chevelle with a Pontiac-like grille.

    1970-72 Chevelle and Buick Skylark 2-door hardtops interchange.  1968-72 Pontiac Lemans/Tempest 2-door hardtop quarter glass will bolt into a 1970-72 Chevelle hardtop, but part numbers differ.


    The hardest interchange of the windshield is complex, which included different models and bodystyles. This is a breakdown of the body styles that a windshield will interchange:
    1964/65 A-body hardtops are interchangeable with the following:
  • 1964-67 El Camino
  • all A-body Station Wagons, sedans, and 2-door pillared coupes exc. 1966/67 Lemans pillared coupe
  • 1966/67 2-door hardtops (including the 1966/67 Pontiac Lemans and Buick Special post coupe) used the same windshield assembly
    The 1968-72 hardtops and convertibles used the same windshield assembly with one other note:
  • 1970-72 windshields incorporate an integrated antenna in the windshield.
  • The windshield from the El Camino and 2-door pillared coupe will fall into the same category with the hardtop and convertible.
  • *One warning: a 4-door A-body windshield, which is also a station wagon part, will not interchange with the hardtop, which is 1" taller.


    1966/67 Chevelle 2-door hardtops shared the same back glass (tunneled like the 1968-70 Dodge Charger hardtop) with the following:
  • 1966/67 Oldsmobile Cutlass 2-door hardtop
  • 1966/67 Buick Special/Pontiac Tempest or LeMans 2-door pillared coupes
  • 1966/67 Buick Skylark hardtop
  • Note:  1966/67 Pontiac Tempest/LeMans/GTO 2-door hardtop back glass is completely different, and has no relation to the tunneled rear window found on 1966/67 Chevelle 2-door hardtops.

    The 1968-72 Chevelle rear glass for hardtops and pillared coupes will interchange with the following vehicles:
  • 1970-72 Monte Carlo
  • 1969-70 Pontiac Grand Prix
  • The BOP A-bodies rear windows are unique to the bodystyle used, and this includes the following vehicles that interchange:
  • 1968-72 Lemans/GTO hardtops and pillared coupes used the same glass for all models,
  • 1968-72 Buick Skylarks had the same rear backlite for all years
  • 1968-72 Oldsmobile Cutlass hardtops shared the same rear window.
  • 1968-72 4-door Chevelle, Tempest/LeMans, and F85/Cutlass shared the same rear window assembly
  • 1971/72 Grand Prix and 1970-72 Cutlass Supreme "Holiday Coupe" shared the same component

    The reveal moldings, matched to the body contours, will interchange if taking the glass (windshield, rear window) and the related hardware from a thrashed out A-car.


    There is limited interchange for outside mirrors, in which options and mirror styles varied. Each GM division had its own mirror style, with some exceptions. The Chevrolet mirrors are interchangeable, and there are other models in the Chevrolet marque that would interchange:
    1968 door mirrors (the round type) are interchangeable with the following:
  • 1968 Chevrolet full size exc. Impala hardtop and Custom
  • 1968-72 Novas
  • 1971/72 Pontiac Ventura II
  • Note: this mirror does not have the bow tie embossed into the chrome.
    1969-72 outside nonremote mirrors are interchangeable with the following:
  • 1973-79 Novas (and BOP variants)
  • Copyright 1997. 1999 LSC Publications.  If there are any questions, or any other interchange along the GM line that will allow donor parts for a Chevelle, feel free to e-mail me at

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