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A 1969 Chevelle Concours station wagon, now a decaying hulk.

Most of the body components have been abstracted from sources like the Hollander Interchange Manual, Chevrolet Parts Interchange Manual, and the Chevelle Archives. Some corrections have been made, because of my field experience, like the door handles.


Door hinges, primarily the front doors, are interchangeable, and some other vehicles like the Camaro or Nova would use the same part.  In some cases, door hinges can be rebuilt, but if one desires a concours look, new or repro replacements are available from resto houses. Hood hinges are interchangeable, and the coverage of interchangability have been abstracted from the Chevrolet Parts Interchange Manual, and the Hollander Interchange Manual. The springs for the hood hinges vary, and it is important to use the springs that matches the hood used.
1964 Chevelle/El Camino hood hinges will interchange with the following:
1965-67 Chevelle/El Camino hood hinges interchange with the following:
1968 Chevelle/El Camino Hood hinges are interchangeable, and there are two categories: one version built before 11/30/67, and another built after 11/30/67. The hinges can be found on the following vehicles:
1969 Chevelles only interchange with the 1969 full size Chevrolet, and there have been no other interchangability.
1970-72 Chevelle hood hinges interchange with the following:
The outside door handles have an interchangability with other GM marques, and the list that applies to the Chevelle can be found on other GM vehicles. The downward angle (mounting area) of the handles differ, so it is necessary to compare the existing handle to another to ensure fit and function.

1964-67 Chevelle outside RH door handle (handle is from a 1979 Pontiac Phoenix).

1964-67 Chevelle door handles interchange with the following vehicles:
1968/69 Chevelles, along with 1968-72 El Caminos, interchange with the following:
1970-72 Chevelles, either a hardtop or sedan, interchange with the following:
The outside door handles for 1968-72 Oldsmobile Cutlass, F85, and 442s interchange with the following:
Sheetmetal parts are often interchangeable, and there are some circumstances that some parts are unique to a certain bodystyle, like the SS hood. The listing below is compiled from the best of my knowledge; there might be more to add as time continues to emphasize on other GM marques. Most of the commonly interchanged sheetmetal have been focused on the Chevelle/El Camino, but refer to the citation below on BOP marques.
1968-72 Chevelle decklids interchange with the following:
1968/69 Chevelles (all bodystyles) used the same header panel (and individual components), but with minor differences (see below).
The hood for 1970-72 Chevelles interchange, and there are three styles: the flat (base models like the Malibu), the domed hood (the base SS hood), and the Cowl Induction type (RPO ZL2).
The doorskin panel for 1968/69 Chevelle hardtops/convertibles, either a full or partial, will interchange, and here's the other applications used:
4/20/00 update:  the 1969 doorskin panel will fit 1968 hardtops with minor mods (I am sure that the doorskin panel will fit 1968-72 El Caminos, but modifications are needed for proper fitment).
*The doorskin panel for 1964/65 Chevelle 2-doors interchange
^The doorskin panel for 1970-72 Chevelle hardtops/convertibles interchange, with a few notes:
BOP sheetmetal
Buick Skylark/GS/GSX
*The 1970-72 Buick Skylark front fenders for the hardtop and sedan interchange, and this might be a valuable resource for finding body panels for a Buick GS/GSX. This also includes the hardtop/convertible doors.

The rear filler panel (which looks liks a sectioned 1968 Chevelle taillight housing) on the 1970-72 Skylark interchanges between the hardtop/convertible and sedan.

Oldsmobile Cutlass, Hurst/Olds, 442
*The front fenders for 1970-72 Oldsmobile Cutlasses interchange with all bodystyles, and this includes the Hurst/Olds, 442, Cutlass Supreme, and Vista Cruiser station wagon. For hardtops and convertibles, the doors from 1970-72 interchange.#

LIMITED SHEETMETAL INTERCHANGABILITY: the parts that have limited interchangeability would include the following, like fenders, doors, and header extensions (sometimes referred to as the grille extension). This information have been abstracted from the Chevelle Tech articles and postings, and this information is true due to finding used parts in the salvage yard or the swap meet.

For the 1970-72 Chevelles, the fenders for the hardtop, convertible, and sedan are interchangable, and the header/grille extensions are interchangeable as a set.  The only difference between a 1970 and 1971/72 is the front end, since the fenders are different, and this includes the header extensions.  Slight cosmetic variations are noticeable with the parking lens bezel, H/L trim, and grille.  The pics of the 1971 Chevelle and 1972 Sprint are distinguishable, after glancing at the front nose.

Please note: 1970 models had the side markers in the lower corner of the fenders, and this is the only feature that distinguishes the 1971/72 Chevelles apart.

1970-72 El Caminos and Station Wagons (1972 Sprint pic courtesy of Alan Finley; scanned by Don Seributra)
The station wagon/pickup bodystyle, introduced in 1968, was used from 1970-72 (possibly to avoid re-tooling for new stamping equipment), and the fenders and header extensions interchange with these vehicles only. Like the statement above for the 1970 models, they have the same characteristics.  Look at the pic of a restored 1972 GMC Sprint above, and have a close look at the fenders.

1971/72 GMC Sprint also used the same parts with the El Camino and Station Wagons.

The reason for the exclusiveness of the front end parts between the bodystyles is simple: the El Camino and Station Wagon have smooth lines, and a wide stance, while the Chevelle had a muscular bulge on the fenders and quarter panels, which meant that the front header extensions are narrower than the ones used on the station wagon or El Camino.

1968-72 El Camino doors (what to expect)
*The doors used for the El Camino from 1968-72 (GMC Sprints from 1971/72) are unique to this bodystyle, and for the 1968 models, the lock rod is in a different position as opposed to 1969-72 doors. 1968s had the rod near the rear pillar, while the later doors had the lock rod positioned a few inches forward. To use a 1968 style lock rod, a hole might have to be drilled to accomodate the lock rod, in which the original lock rod and mechanism can be reused. (Refer to the section on the window regulator that concerns the use of components in 1968 hardtops and convertibles) 1970-72 El Camino doors also have a crash beam (side impact safety device), which isn't present on 1968/69 doors.
Note: The doorskin panel will also interchange with 1968/69 Chevelles/Beaumonts.
1968/69 hoods
*The 1968 and 1969 SS hoods, along with the standard flat hood, do not interchnage, but the hoods can be used on either model if the hinges are used in conjunction with the hood. (Refer to the section on the 1969 hood hinges.)
Note: This is a common problem in which I have seen at a swap meet in which the SS hood for 1968/69 Chevelles/El Caminos is marked for sale, but a lot of people end up with a problem when bolting the hood to the hinges.
1969 Chevelle/Beaumont full quarter panels
*If using a 1969 Chevelle hardtop replacement quarter panel (available from General Motors) on a 1968 hardtop, then there is a possibility of modifying the lower rear section that surrounds the bumper, in which a 1968 lower patch piece can be grafted if the lower panel is modified to fit . The hole for the marker light can be welded in using a patch of sheetmetal.
1966/67 Chevelle/Beaumont hardtop/convertible doors
*1966 and 1967 Chevelle 2-door hardtops have interchangable door assemblies
1968/69 Chevelle fenders
*1968/69 Chevelle/El Camino fenders are identical in size, but the only difference is the cutouts for the side markers. (Refer to the FAQ concerning 1968/69 body parts.)
The bumpers, either the front or rear, have limited interchangablilty. These vehicles listed may provide a clue in which a bumper may be used for more than one year.

REAR BUMPER: These are the following vehicles that interchange (Chevelles):

A 1971 Pontiac LeMans, with 1972 GTO fenders, which is incorrect.  The false air scoops are common with the GTO option in 1972, and the base LeMans would have the optional GTO nose.
BOP Rear Bumpers
These are the BOP A-cars that interchange:

FRONT BUMPER: These are the following vehicles that interchange (Chevelles):

1971 Pontiac LeMans, with a 1972 GTO nose.
BOP Front Bumpers

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