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Miss Houston 1999!!!

Amanda Perry, Miss Houston 1999!!!

I began competing in the Miss Texas Scholarship Organization in 1994 and my life long dream came true January 21, 1999 on my 6th and Final attempt to win the Miss Houston title!! Through my pageant experiences I have earned scholarship monies, performed for all kinds of crowds, been offered jobs and infomercials, and most importantly, made a difference in my community.

These have been wonderful years and 1999 was no exception! Despite the fact that I have reached the end of my eligibility as a contestant in the Miss America Scholarship Program, I will always be a die-hard fan and supporter of its ideals, contestants, and volunteers that make everything happen! Many thanks to everyone who helped me Dream Big!!

During my participation in the system I was fortunate to win the titles of: Miss Teen South Texas 1993, Miss Southeast Texas 1995, Miss Northeast Texas 1996 and Miss Woodlands 1997.

Unfortunately, and despite some wonderful performances, 1998 did not bring a new title. I used this time to refocus, regroup, and remember why I was involved in the first place. But my persistence finally paid off when I was selected to represent my Hometown in 1999!

What makes the Miss America Scholarship Pageant so unique is each contestant's commitment to her community and a choosen issue. I did not choose my issue off of a list, but rather, experienced an incident very young in life, whose results where life changing. Through my years as a Volunteer and Spokesperson, I've seen some exciting developments with my Platform work!

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