For the grilers

grile cove

I, _____________ hereby promise to grile until my heart is content. I promise to never reveal the identity of grile, or what it means. I promise to be nice and not to argue with the grile leader unless she is way out of line, which doesn't happen much.
I promise to have fun griling, online and offline. I promise not to be sad because I can grile and be happy when I am with my fellow grilers. I promise to be loyal to the other grilers.
I promise to help my fellow grilers in their times of need. And most of all I promise not to use grile as a bad thing or to patronize or commercialize grile.
I promise that if I lose touch with my fellow grilers that does not mean I won't be thinking about them. I promise to like out theme song even if I don't like the people that sing it....

Peace, love, and sauce