Laissez les bon temps rouler!

This is for my shout-outs...if I forgot about you don't kill me; if I like you, I promise you know.

A very very very special I love you to: Tracy, Rhonda (and the rest of youse), Debbie, and that other sister of mine (I'm not giving your attitude back so just face it), you guys rule. I couldn't make it without ya. Love ya bunches!

Easy E

G e a u x T i g e r s!
Anyway kid be good and always remember that you go to the most awesome school in the world. Oh yes!


Hey girlfriend...what's going on? You wanna go and take a ride wif me? You and me can ride to third street (Hey hey hey hey hey)

Eddie says: shout out to Air a wonderful friend and a beautiful person inside and out

We love ya greenie! Don't let the man get you down

other peeps

I want to say hi and thanks a bunch to the following: Melissa R; thanks for saving my ass repeatedly in pre-cal and thanks for hanging out in december with me, you don't know how much you helped me ;)
Lesley, you are a crazy crazy girl....we've been through lots of shit
Eric, you OWE me BIG TIME buddy...I don't know how you are going to pass math next year. j/k Don't forget about Ms. Ellis and your attempted murder, it was all my fault you are the kewlest...and the copy room knows it :) are the best, what would I do without your advice and know how. Good luck at work!
Here's a hearty hello to.....Christan (Vive la velcros), fox, David M.(who loves mrs. salas), Kevin (how's it goin'?), gregg (you're awesome), stephen (you are the busiest kid I know, keep it up), and Rox (my far away friend...I miss you soooo very much, come back):(
You guys rule!