March 31, 2006

I've been reading up on energy drinks, because honestly I drank a few of them and I wanted to know if they were going to make me instantly die. Someone I know, who shall remain nameless (maybe) told me that you shouldn't drink them while in the car, because having taurine in your system keeps people in the er from being able to give you painkillers if you are in an accident or something.

This could be true, but I couldn't find any evidence to support it. The fact is that taurine is already in your adult body, meaning your body makes it. It is also in meat, so if that other thing were true, should you not eat steak or something before you get into an accident?!?

Furthermore, there was a website I read (some guy that had his own zine), he had the dumbest shit on his page about how they are bad for you, and of course at the bottom of his page it said you could not paste any of his words elsewhere (I wonder why).

He said that the FDA is only letting energy drinks stay on the market because there is no long term research to study its effects. HELLO, like the FDA gives a shit, look at ephedra, they knew that was plant speed.
Also he said there was so much caffeine that young people get addicted to it. Young people get addicted to a lot of things, most of them have caffeine. Some people need caffeine and stuff, to cure their migraines.

My point is, if you are going to try to diss something, have some actual information first Mr. Zine man.
The only thing I can say that is bad about energy drinks is that, NO you shouldn't have then with alcohol, because one is an upper and one is a downer, and it has the potential to mess some people up pretty badly.

Otherwise, drink energy drinks if you want to, do your own research if you want, and see what's right for you.

Also think about how cocaine got its start if you want to trust people like the FDA on things like that...

Send me your comments or tell me what your favorite energy drink is :)

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