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The Remembrance Centre

4 March 2001
"You'll know where I am..."

Nikita ends with some relief, after a misguided couple of seasons. Thanks to Michael Loceff, who managed to pull off the near-impossible -- a tragic ending choked in appropriate irony. Now THAT's more like it. All hope of "the-next-episode-will-be-the-real-Nikita" has ended, but at least it managed to swing back around and end with truth to the characters. (For the first time in many episodes, nobody appeared to be phoning in their performance). 3 1/2 of 5 stars on the finale.

Still, there's nothing like the originals, by the original writers, and we heartily recommend watching Season 1 and 2 -- lather, rinse, repeat. And repeat again, with pleasure.

Enjoy the classic LFN.

Those of us who have been with Nikita since day one give a hail and a tearful farewell.

Oh, and P.S., for the clueless: JURGEN is still dead.

Meeting Your Mourning/Merriment/Music Needs For ... Months
(over one dozen served)

Jurgen Has No Pulse

Farewell, Fair Chuck

Shear Madness

Mick's Pad

Nikita Music-Miscellanea

LFN Has No Pulse

to distract yourself from your grief, with the original
LFN Chicken Jokes

JANUARY 16, 1999
for pictures of Roy and Peta's appearance on Canada's
Dini Petty Show

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