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It's All About Me

It's about time. I was beginning to think that no one likes me! :-p
I'm so glad you could come to my home page. I dedicated this to the One who died for us. It is still under construction (and always will be) so bookmark it, be patient and come back often to see all the changes that the Good Lord will let me make.
Let me tell you about myself. I am 26 years old, 5'8, brown hair (naturally, but always changing it), and blue eyes. I have two brothers and two sisters, who are all older than me. I live in an apartment in Crowley, Texas. I love being away from "home".
I'm currently taking classes at TCC south campus I just finished Fundamentals of Networking (final grade was an A). And am taking Beginning Web Page Programming. I had to drop one of my classes because I was failing in it and I emailed the teacher and he said he could offer little or no help in bringing my grades up. I'm considering retaking that class (if I can get another teacher) or changing my degree over to Automotive Service Technology. I haven't quite decided yet. I'm taking the summer off of school to figure out what I want to do.
I love listening to music (Southern gospel and country are the best!). I like surfing the net, watching movies, chatting online, and just hanging out. I also like to sing and play guitar and piano. I love playing video games. My latest craze is with Guitar Hero for PlayStation2. I have mastered the "easy" level with the controller. Haven't played with the guitar much cuz it's always gone to a friend's house. (It's actually my best friend's son's game)...
My grandma passed away on March 6, 2002, with complications to diabetes. She was 68 years old, and a very devout Christian who taught me a lot of stuff, including how to write poems. I wrote a poem for her the day she died. I would like to share it with you........

My Letter to Grandma

Hear the birds singing
See the flowers growing
Walk through the fields of green
Feel the sun glowing

Enjoy the company
Of family and friends
Hear them tell their stories
From beginning to end

We love you, Grandma
You were always like a mother
You took care of us all these years
And taught us to care for others

You were my grandma
My guiding light
You were such an angel
Like a star that shines so bright

Don't worry about us
We'll be ok
But when u get a chance
Feel free to drop in and say "Hey!"

We're gonna miss you so much
But because of God's rescue
And His awesome power
Again we will see you


As I said before, my Grandma helped me with my poems. Click here to see the poems that I have written. One of the poems was written by my then 13 year old cousin right after the 9.11.01 terrorist attacks. Very moving!!!!
PLEASE be sure you sign my GUESTBOOK !!!!! Feel free to send me your comments!!