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Leah's HomePage

Clicking carousels can take you wonderful places!!
This is Leah, I'm 9 years old. I like sports and atheletics. I have lots of friends. I like to jump on the trampoline and climb trees. I like to do cartwheels, read fantasy books, and cook. My best friend is Jeanette.  We like to use our easy bake ovens and eat EVERYTHING we make!!!!

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Visit Jeanette's Cartoon World!

Download the cutest desktop mate!! Mikan the Orange.
She flies, jumps rope, just lots of stuff. No feeding, bathing or other care needed!

Before you up and leave, check these out :)
These are terrific!!
Try the Face Maker mom made!!!!

These are some places to color ONLINE!
SHOCKWAVE required
Simple click and fill coloring.
MY FAVORITE!!! Fast with great pictures
Peanuts characters, most like REAL coloring. Mom's favorite!!!
Garfield, very fast click to fill. My best friend, Jeanette, will LOVE this one!
This one is a bit harder

These places you PRINT the pictures to color!
Printer required
Toy Story pictures
Winnie the Pooh pictures

To view the coolest PSYCHEDELISCOPE, hop on this carousel!

Other neat places to go!!
Mom tested, kid APPROVED!!!
Barbie's OFFICIAL HomePage Mom or Dad can register you FREE!
Nickelodeon Jr. Cute online game changes monthly!
Children's Online Stories Some with Shockwave and Real Audio!!
Kid's Space Submit stories and pictures, make friends and play games!


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