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Lauryn's Very Experimental Web Page!

Current Info:
Well, it's time for another semester, and I'm officially ready for fall. Not too much to say right now as I'm busy assembling syllabi and updating class webpages. Hopefully I'll update the personal pages soon, but who knows?


Something To Keep You Busy Until I Update Again!
Evaluations from Former Students
Syllabus For College Writing I
Welcome to College Writing II
ENGL 2220

An entertaining side project I'm involved in:
Dead Girls Dont'Say No!

Some really great metaphysical supply shops:
Azure Green
Book of Shadows

Other Entertaining Pages:
Rasputina!!! Check this band out!
Mad Trivia: A Truly Fun and Frustrating Waste of Time!

As you've probably already noticed, I've added a fancy-schmancy link to I figured this would be a great way for you to get a good look at some of the works I discuss from time to time on this page. Let me know if it works out for you!

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