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Un(?)Solicited Testimonials

Submitted for your approval are the evaluations I received from my students from the Spring Semester of 1999. I've tentatively titled this page Unsolicited Testimonials because these evaluations were solicited by the English Department of the University of North Texas, not by me personally. I should also note that the only change I've made to any of these evaluations is to make spelling corrections. Everything else is taken directly from the evaluation form (which is on file in the Graduate Office if you don't believe me).

From 1323.011, TR 8-9:20am:

"She sparked in me a joy to write and explore unanswered questions."

"She made learning fun (hard to believe) :) I would love to have her again as a professor for other classes if possible."

"I loved our teacher so much. She was down to earth & understanding. I appreciated her sincerity. She understood what it is like to be a full-time college student w/a full-time job."

"Lauryn is a great teacher. She always had something planned to do each class meeting. Although we would get off topic sometimes, she always made sure we got back on topic before the class ended."

"She was really good in making the class more interesting as well as fun enough to enjoy for being so early in the morning. Another quality I liked was how much time she gave us to complete our papers."

"I appreciate my teacher for her humor, wisdom, and fairness."

"She is an unsung hero."

"She is very knowledgeable and provides plenty of insight on the materials."

"From day one, the teacher made everything so comfortable that no one hesitated to get involved with class discussions; she communicated and got everyone involved, and we had fun."

"Lauryn is a very special and unique instuctor...She is very understanding about our lives outside of class. That has helped us to perform better because we have a teacher that will work with us. I wish her all of the luck in her teaching career b/c I know she will be a great one. I wish all of my teachers were like her."

"I would like to sing the praises of Mrs. Lauryn Angel-Cann. She is an excellent teacher. She is prompt with returning our papers and fair in her grading."

"What I enjoyed most about the class was the discussions we had about the literature we read. We've had some very thought-provoking dialogue. She is very easy to approach and talk to."

"She has encouraged me as a writer and I feel my writing has improved."

"I hope to be in her class again in the future."

"She always had background information on the subject at hand. When grading papers, she always gave the option to talk to her about the paper. This has been a very enjoyable class."

"Lauryn was a great teacher, especially for an 8am class."

From 1320.040, TR 9:30-10:50am:

"Mrs. Angel-Cann was always punctual and was always in a good mood, conducive to learning, unless the subject of monkeys was brought up. She was up-to-date in her teaching skills and was the only teacher so far that actually got me to read all that was assigned. She showed a great understanding of the material we covered, but also allowed us to form our own opinions. She gets two thumbs up."

"Lauryn is a great instructor. As a result of her planning and class discussions, there has been little down-time in this class...Unlike my other English classes, the class discussions never stagnated with silence. Lauryn always kept things moving and made everyone feel comfortable expressing their thoughts."

"Mrs. Angel-Cann--Oh how can I describe thee? She was a great teacher! At first, I anticipated this English class to be boring and dull. It was like every other English class I took I dreaded showing up. Little did I know, Mrs. Angel-Cann had a semester of learning and fun up her sleeve. Her teaching abilities were great...Her individual, one-on-one instruction was good too, even though she may of slipped a joke about someone, not mentioning any names, here and there. So I guess I give her a thumbs up! 2 Thumbs up!"

"She understands what it is like to be a student. She didn't over-power us with work. She is very competent in her field."

"Lauryn was a pretty good teacher."

"You are a good teacher! I had fun, me in college, me like scool." Anybody want to guess who wrote this one? I have my suspicions.

"The literature selection was very thought-provoking. Discussion was open and allowed very everyone's input. Grading was fair, but she did not always go by her own rules, i.e. late papers."

"Lauryn Angel-Cann is a real [this was underlined three times] teacher. She is a person that can relate to many things. In turn, she expresses that as she teaches...She always took the time to make sure students read and understood the assignments & that the qualifications for papers was clear."

"Lauryn was a very good teacher. She explained the material well because she had knowledge of the subjects & novels we were discussing in class. She was always on time to class & returned our papers on time also. I enjoyed the class and learned a great deal."

"She is a good teacher. She teaches on the same level; not as if she is better or more important than us."

"Lauryn Angel-Cann has been an excellent teacher. She has always been on time for class; in fact, she was usually early...Her choice of literature readings was sometimes quite odd, but none the less, very interesting. I believe that she has always graded fairly and treated our questions with respect...She always knew what she was talking about."

"Lauryn Angel-Cann conducted this class very well. I have no complaints."

"Lauryn Angel-Cann was fun, interesting, informative, full of knowledge. She was helpful. Best of all, she wasn't like most writing professors. She was open to different writing styles & wanted us to be creative."

"Lauryn Angel-Cann was very knowledgeable on the subject. Could talk about the subject for long periods of time. Graded and returned fairly."

"She was very knowledgeable about the literature we read and on other subjects that we discussed. She is very fair and always prompt."

"Mrs. Cann was a good teacher overall. She had a lot of knowledge about the subject, and she was organized with her material. The only problem I had was her grading papers. I know I'm not the best writer, but I know some of the papers were better than the grade she gave. Mrs. Angel-Cann explained the material well, and overall she didn't mind explaining again for us to understand for certain."

"She always had topics to talk about and kept conversation going. She graded fairly also. She may have been a little too easy on us at times. She did not expect too much from us and at times I felt she should have been stricter on some of the students. The papers that were assigned had fair topics and were not hard to research."

"She was really sweet, but she took way too long to return graded papers."

"Lauryn Angel-Cann is a great teacher. She is always on time and knows what she is talking about. She relates well with the students, and lets them express their views. She grades very fair and returns our papers with in two weeks. I have really enjoyed her as a teacher."

"She is prompt and organized. However I think we covered too much useless material in this class."

"She teaches while she associates with the class, which is good, because it involves the whole class."