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Course Requirements

Required Materials:
*Course Reader, available at Copy Pro Copy Center
*The Brief Holt Handbook
*A small stapler - this will only cost you $2 or so at Target or Wal-Mart! I won't grade your paper if it's not stapled!
*A dictionary and thesaurus- I recommend the Oxford American Dictionary, an all-in-one job.
*a 3.5 inch diskette

By now you're probably wondering what I expect from you. Well, here goes: I expect you to participate in class discussions and I will expect your contributions to occur daily. I expect you to have completed the assigned readings and/or writings by the time you walk into the door on class days. All papers should be typed and turned in at the beginning of class, with all preliminary drafts attached. I DO NOT ACCEPT LATE PAPERS, PERIOD! I also expect you to respect the opinions and feelings of your classmates (see the section on Class Discussions below). If your expectations differ, I suggest that you bring this to my attention on the first day of class. Otherwise, you are agreeing to these expectations and will be required to live up to them.

Attendance Policy:
I follow the university absence policy on the English Department General Information sheet that I gave you on the first day of class. Here's the short version: once you exceed four absences, you're history. In addition, if you are more than ten minutes late you will be counted absent, or if you come to class without a rough draft on the day that it is due you will be counted absent. If you must be absent, let me know by going through the proper channels. You will be responsible for all deadlines and for all of the assignments and announcements you missed.

You will write five 3-5 page papers for this class (as well as a final presentation to the class, which will be discussed later). These essays must be typed in a 12-point font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins on all sides. Please, no cover sheets or folders. Your paper must be stapled if you want me to grade it. All of these papers will be rewritten several times, worked on in small groups during workshops, and discussed during the conferences with me. The development of your skill is dependent upon your practicing the craft itself.

You will turn your papers in to me in a 9x12 manilla envelope which will contain the following:

* two typed, stapled copies of your paper
* all pre-writing and invention work
* all rough drafts and peer editing worksheets

If your envelope does not contain all of these elements, I will not grade it.

When I receive your final draft, there must be a significant difference between it and the workshop draft. Otherwise, you will not receive credit for a final draft. Your paper's grade is a reflection of the quality of writing that you are producing and should not be used as an indication of how much you should rewrite the paper.

Rewrite Policy:
Writing is a process–what you write will continue to get better as you continue to work with it. You will be allowed to rewrite each of the papers once for a higher grade. When rewriting a paper, please follow these guidelines:

* rewrites are due one week from the day the paper is returned to you.
* you must come to my office during office hours to inform me that you are planning to rewrite your paper and to discuss how to improve your paper.
* include the graded original.
* address ALL of the comments made on the original and during the rewrite conference in a sincere attempt to improve the overall quality of the paper.

I will not grade rewrites that do not meet these criteria.

On the course schedule you will see assignments where you are asked to respond to specific questions. Additionally, you may use your journal for writing exercises, observational notes, responses to readings, freewriting, brainstorming, and any other writing related to this class. . Please remember that your journal is yours, so that you may include anything in it, as well as decorate it, if you wish (but please, absolutely no glitter). Keep in mind, however, that I will be reading these, so don't include anything you don't want me to read.
Follow the guidelines below:

* You must write two pages per week.
* We may work on journals in class, so be prepared.
* I will collect journals at random, so bring them to class daily and keep up!
* You must keep your entries in a flat folder with brads.
* I can't read what I can't write, so write legibly, or even type your entries.

Groups and Workshops:
You will be broken up into small groups in which you are to discuss the assigned readings, distribute copies of your rough drafts, respond to group members' papers, and complete group assignments. As you are responsible for critiquing each other, each group should be considered a work environment and is responsible for setting up guidelines accordingly. Under the category of workshop points, I will average the evaluation of your work by the other group members with my own evaluation of group performance and preparation.

Final Presentation:
For your final presentation, you will present to the class the information you have gathered about your community (I promise this will make more sense to you after I have introduced you to the Communities of Discourse assignment!). You may choose to make a video, show some photographs, do a song and dance number, or what ever you choose, but you must present your community and your experience with the community. Be prepared to answer questions from myself and from your classmates.

Late Work:
I do not accept late work, and all work is due at the beginning of class on the assigned dates. Exceptions to this policy will only be granted in cases of genuinely extenuating circumstances. Contracting me beforehand is an excellent way to improve your chances that I will consider your circumstances to be truly extenuating. Last-minute computer problems, oversleeping, etc. do not qualify. If you must be absent on a day that an assignment is due, please have a classmate turn it in for you, or turn it in early to my box in Auditorium Building, Room 112.

Course File:
Department policy requires that I keep your essays on file after the semester is finished. Please hold onto your papers and be prepared to give them to me on the last day of class.

Class Discussion:
In this class, we will be discussing a variety of topics-some of which you may feel strongly about. Remember...not everyone has to, or should, agree. We are all different people from different backgrounds. What may seem "right" to you may not be the same as someone else. Please respect the other students' differences (as well as mine), and they will respect yours. If you feel that someone in this class is not following this agreement, please see me. If at any time I feel that you are not showing respect to me or others, I will discuss this with you. A continuation in similar behavior will result in further action. PLEASE TURN OFF ALL PAGERS AND CELL PHONES BEFORE ENTERING THE CLASSROOM. IF YOU MAKE ANY KIND OF BEEPING NOISE, YOU WILL LEAVE THE CLASSROOM.

Open Door Policy:
You are welcomed and encouraged to visit me whenever you wish to discuss a paper of problem. If you cannot come during my office hours, please schedule an appointment with me. If you need to leave a message for me, you may call the main English office at 565-2050. The best and easiest way to contact me outside of school is through e-mail. I read my e-mail on a daily basis and will send you a prompt reply.

Course Evaluation:
Papers 60%
Final Presentation 20%
Journals 10%
Participation 10%

Plagiarism and Other Forms of Academic Dishonesty:
"The term ‘plagiarism' includes, but is not limited to, the use by paraphrase or direct quotation, of the published or unpublished work of another person without full and clear acknowledgment. It also includes the unacknowledged use of materials prepared by another person or agency engaged in the selling of term papers or other academic materials"(UNT's 1992-1993 Student Guidebook). If you turn in a piece of writing, all or part of which you have plagiarized, you will be dismissed with an "F" in the course. Further action within the context of university guidelines may be considered.

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