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Kristi Yamaguchi!

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As one of skating's brightest professionals, Kristi has proven her dominance in skating and has earned accolades as the "best skater in the world." US National titles, World titles and the Olympic Gold Medal all before her 22nd birthday, Kristi is truly one of the most gifted athletes in all sports.

She is truly one of America's favorite skaters. Being so superb in every movement she completes on the ice! Spectators are amazed as they watch her skate.

In the 1992 Olympics Kristi had a fall in her long program. But was enough for this 20 year old to take home the Olympic gold medal!

Now at age 25 Kristi Yamaguchi continues to excel in skating. She has not given up the sport she's loved since she was 3 years old.

Kristi told reporters, "Right now I'm working on my goal, it's called the Always Dream Foundation...and it's main goals are to help children with certain illnesses. Right now we just have one in a few states and we're hoping to expand that...and support charities around the country."

Since 1992...she has won just about every competition she's entered. She is so awesome!!!!!!! :-)

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