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Ken McWatters' personal page

Ken's personal page

Me and my wife Susan, in December 2007.

Allison McWatters! Born to me and my wife Susan on 2/11/07.
Here's some more pictures of me and my kids.

My favorite miscellaneous links
SSC produces nice computer-radio interface graphical display products.
Here is a Houston real-time traffic map to help in navigating the nightmare of Houston highways. I love driving, but not if I'm in Houston.

About me

Here is a picture of me taken in July 2000.
Here is a picture of me taken in early 2001.
Here is a picture of me and my twin brother Brian taken at Christmas 2002.
Click here for a picture of me in one of my favorite places: Sugarloaf Mountain, TX!

My name is Ken McWatters. I'm married and I live in the NW Houston area. I'm a
mechanical engineer and I work at Ecodyne Heat Exchangers in Houston, TX.
Before that I worked for 8 years at Elite Software in College Station, TX. This company creates engineering
software programs, and it was rewarding to work for this small company because it combined my
programming skills with my engineering knowledge, background, and interest. In general, my main professional
interests are to integrate computer programming with engineering calculations
to produce solutions to make the workplace more efficient. Please contact me if you think
my talents would be an ideal addition to your company.

I graduated Keller High School (near Ft. Worth) and later from Texas A&M with a B.S. and M.S.
During my undergraduate years I completed a one-year co-op job at Lennox Industries R&D
in Carrollton, TX as an engineering assistant. I had my first "real" job during my transition period
near graduation with my master's on campus in the Energy Systems Lab (performing
A/C load analysis for buildings), and then I worked for 2 years at Houston Lighting and
Power. In August 1997 I began my work at Waukesha-Pearce Industries. In June 1998 I began
working at my job at Elite Software, followed with a change of employment to Ecodyne in Sept 2006.

As my homepage attests, I have several hobby interests. I enjoy listening to and playing music, studying
and watching weather, reading and exploring using maps, using computers, the paranormal, and reading.

It's 2008 and I'm playing again! Mindcrime is a Queensryche tribute band based in Houston. I've seen their shows several times and I'm honored to now be in the band (as of Aug 2007) as their new drummer! I was semi-retired from playing after I got married with kids, but I'd kept my eye on the tribute scene. I knew that I could still play in a tribute band if I already knew the music; practice time would be at a minimum, and the fun factor would be that much greater! So far playing with these talented musicians has been very rewarding and, well, fun!

Check out the band's website along with pics (of me and the guys) at the following link -

~~~ Older bands ~~~~

Coup d'eTat
I was in this band with some very talented musicians here in Houston, TX from 1998 to 2003. We were called Coup d'eTat. It contained two members from bands that had made records in the early 90s, Helstar and Drive. However we lost our singer and spent a couple more years looking for a singer while rehearsing. We finally decided that we couldn't make our music or perform to our high standards without a singer with a high range and in our style, which proved to be an anachronism and hard to find in the 2000s, so we disbanded.
Here is a page with more about Coup D'eTat. You can also download a couple of our old demos from this page.

Third Hill
This was my band in 2003-04. It was comprised of me on drums and Chris Lynchard on guitar. Chris wrote most of our music, and I write a little. We can both sing a little, but we're too busy playing our instruments in this band so we're instrumental. When active, we were seeking other members for lead vocals, bass, and perhaps keyboards. With that said, I think our music was quite entertaining and we could perform live even just playing instrumentals.
We did a few live shows at biker rallies and the like, and it was cool, but we needed more members to be a viable band. It'd be great to work with Chris in the future, so we'll see if another opportunity comes along for us.

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