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Homepage of: Robert B. Callahan KC5T

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Robert B. Callahan

This is Me and Katy (My Girlfriend) at my companies Christmas Party 2000.

Thats me on the left.

This is my oldest daughter "Stefanie" she is now 11 years old!

This is my daughter "Allison"she is now 5 years old!

We were all "Born in the USA!"

I served in the U.S. Navy from 1976 to 1980 on this ship.

The USS Richard L. Page FFG5

We were always "FIT TO FIGHT"

One of my hobbies is: "Amateur Radio"

My Amateur Radio Callsign is: "KC5T"


CW Forever!!
I am a member of "The International Morse Preservation Society" "FISTS"

My fists membership number is: 4589

Other interesting Amateur Radio sites:
The Amateur Radio Relay League

Wilderness Radio

Collins Radio Equipment from the past!

Another hobby of mine is:


Listed below are some of my favorate Web sites for news and information about Cycling in Europe and the United States.

United States Cycling Federation Web Site


Click for Houston, Texas Forecast

Amateur Radio Ring