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~Love Is Like A Butterfly~

It's beauty fragil and haunting

It's Cacoon spun with gentlness and care

Nurtured with tenderness and wanting

Gently reared and trust is grown...

As it nears the opening of it's wings

Like love it's beauty is known

And before you know..

It will be gone

It will eventually fly away

Leaving the place where it was born

The unknown temps it and it's feelings torn

Fate Calls out to it beacons it to be free

Sings the song of yearning

Gently pulling it away to worlds you can't see

Love is also a thing of beauty

That must spread it's wings and fly

And Feel the winds caress...

As it soars with happiness

Should you hold it too tightly

It's colors will fade

And saddness in it's place is made

So take it and embrace it

Hold it as long as you can

For it is destined to leave you

Just as the waters upon the sand

As swiftly as it came

Like love it leaves just the same

Just for a short time it belongs to you

Savor it's sweetness and beauty

Upon your lips as the morning dew

For it's taste and touch will linger

Long after the love...

You once knew...

~written by Kahla~