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Iran Castillo in the Soñadoras Soap Opera


Fernanda (Alejandra Avalos) is a young psychologist that works in a drug rehabilitation center. Her problems begin when Eugenio De la Peña (José Carlos Ruiz), an old and powerful drug lord, begins to get obsessed with her. Eugenio wants to make her marry him, and will try anything to achieve it. Fernanda however, only has eyes for José Luis (Arturo Peniche), a handsome high school teacher. José Luis is a caring and honest man who truly loves Fernanda, but has dark secret in his past that will complicate their relationship.

Jaqueline (Aracely Arámbula), the daughter of Eugenio De la Peña, dreams about being loved by her teacher José Luis, Her classmate, Manuel (Eduardo Verástegui), is a young man passionate about his and is love with Jaqueline. Emilia (Laisha Wilkins) has the dream of becoming a famous dancer. Her boyfriend, Gerardo (Jan), dreams about reaching the top of the charts with his rock band "Peligro Iminente". Lucía (Michelle Vieth) is a shy and wealthy young woman that is courted by the lying money-hungry Beto (Arath De la Torre). Julieta (Angélica Vale), is a poor city girl that pretends to be rich. She establishes a relationship with Carlos, a wealthy but mediocre physician as part of her plan to escape from poverty.

All of them will encounter a series of trials and tests, which will lead them to learn more about themselves and eventually place them on the path towards finding their true happiness. Here, Iran Castillo is Ana, a new senior student at the Generation 2000 High School. Years before, she was abandoned by her mother in Christmas. Because of this, Ana hates Christmas, but soon starts to make friends with her classmates. She appears at later episodes, and sings the ending theme song when she does so.

The show's opening theme song "Soñadoras", is the adapted version of "Fiesta" (Party), both performed by the Latin Pop group "Sentidos Opuestos" and the ending theme song "Sola" (Lonely) by Iran Castillo. You can find a lyric for this song and it is included in her second album Tatuada En Tus Besos. This soap opera was produced in Mexico by Televisa in 1998. You can see this soap opera on Univision on full hour episodes, weekdays 7:00 PM, 6:00 PM central.


Lucia - Michelle Vieth
Jacqueline - Araceli Arámbula
Emilia - Laisha Wilkins
Julieta - Angélica Vale
Ana - Iran Castillo
Ruben - Kuno Becker
Gerardo - Jan
Manuel - Eduardo Verastegui
Beto Roque - Arath De la Torre
Benjamin (El Terco) - Diego Schoening
Don Eugenio - José Carlos Ruiz
José Luis - Arturo Peniche
Fernanda - Alejandra Avalos
Pancho - Eduardo Rodriguez
Enrique - Ariel Lopez
Vanessa - Mónica Dossetti
Horacio - Raymundo Capetillo
Antonia - Dulce

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