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                                      Gamers Paradise
                Your Place for Rom's, Emulators, and Cheats
This is the ultimate site for Roms, Emulators, and Cheats!!!  I am currentley working on a very exstensive simpson site for my page.  I would really like to hear some ideas from some of you so
E-Mail ME.  After my simpson site is up I will then begin my work on a Warez extenison of my site.



                                                     Places To Go:


                       Emulators : You need one of these to play rom's

                                Cheats : The Cheats page is now up!!!!


 I would really Like to hear your Question and Comments on my site.  So Sign my Guest Book up on top, or you can E-Mail ME.  I will return your message as soon as possible.
This page is updated so often that every time you return here you should hit the RELOAD button on your browser.  That way you know that you are getting the newest version.  Also if you bookmark this site then you need to hit the reload button. Thanks and I hope that you enjoy my site!!!!!!!!!!!!
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