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You make a spontaneous effort to talk to the nerd named Taylor who sits next to you in math class just so you can say that sacred name
You told your brother you'd flush his gold fish down the toliet after he refused to grow his hair out (So you could have your own baby Hanson)
You join the pole vaulting team at your school to get ready for the Hanson concert (Just in case theres a need to hop a few fences......)
You threatened to run away to Tulsa if your mom made you clean you room again.
Your mom then asks you where you were planning to stay in Tulsa. You walk away just knowing Taylor would be willing to share his bunk bed.
You refuse to date the hunk in your homeroom just in case you know who's in town.
When you accidently-on-purpose run into a glass door just so you can have a scar under your eye like Tay.
You tackled that girl that tried to pass you in the Hanson T-shirt line. (the little snot!)
You named your male cat MaMa. (Poor Kitty)
You bought 2 Middle of Nowhere CD's just incase one of them runs outta juice You realize you better stop kissing your Hanson posters because the slobber is just ruining them
You and your faithful Hanson Lovin' best friend have a murder plot planned out just incase anyone of your boys deciedes to get a girlfriend
When you look around your room and wonder where the wall went
After missing a Hanson concert, you put yourself on Prozac and make yourself promise never to leave your bed again (Except, of course, to hit repeat on your CD player)
You almost break your neck rollerblading (gotta get those Hanson moves down pat!)
Everybody that knows you also knows the first 30 lines of MMMBop (Admit it, sometimes ya just cant stop singing)
You sleep in boxers and a tank top
When you slide down in your chair after the teaher yells "Who's Taylor Hanson??". Then you suddenly realize you've done it again. You've gone and put Taylor Hanson on the name line.
When your 1998 Hanson calendar is already on the wall
You and your friends have a birthday party for Zac even though the birthday boy might not be able to attend
You know that Hanson Hater that rides your bus? Well, you kicked him hard, really hard (right in the kisser) with your boots that just happen to be the same as Tay's
While sitting in front of the TV watching your boys on MTV, you say to yourself "I have that shirt" "Wow, I bought those pants yesterday!" "Man, I wanted those shoes!"
When your teacher randomley picks you to say that capital of Oklahoma and you yell out Taylor without thinking.
When you imagine yourself gazing into Ike's eyes and accicently fall into your oatmeal
When the man in the teenybopper magazine store knows your name
After hearing that nasty rumor about being dyslexic, you talked your mom into believing you were too, just so you could be like Tay.
When while watching your pre-recorded tape of Hanson, you know the one that has everything they've ever been on, you stop the tape every 5 seconds just hoping you can get a glimpse of something down their pants. (NO! not that, their BOXERS!)
Ya'll are really nasty!
Your mom tells you that next time she hears MMMBop, she's gonna fall over (Which means, "Momma's going down!")
You now drink enough milk for you and a thirsty goat. Why? Well, duh, you saw Hanson in a milk add!