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Welcome To Angel Dove's Home




  Hi my name is Angel Dove and I am a Albino Ringneck Dove and a very proud member of the Pigeon Family. Did you know that Doves like myself represent sacred symbols in not only Christianity but also in the Buddhist, Islam, and Hindu Religeons. In the 1950s when the United Nations was formed it recognized the white Dove as a universal symbol of peace.

My mom says that I am the sweetest and gentlest creature she has ever had the pleasure of sharing her home with. I share my mom with 4 other birds. A Congo African Grey, 2 Nanday Conures, and 1 Quaker Parrot. We all live happily and know that we are loved. My favorite past time is to just sit at my mom's feet and coo or just hang out on her shoulder for hours on end. My mom makes me mind too just like the parrots. I have learned to step up and come when I am called. You see I sometimes like to go on a walk about around the house.

Once a year our mom loads us all up and takes us to our doctor for our yearly exams. I too have to endure those regular wing and nail trims just like my flock friends. My all time favorite grooming ritual is my bath. My mom has to sometimes remove me from the water because I would stay there all day if she would let me. It is so much fun running in and out of the gently running water. I just love to splash and play. Boy can I make a mess too. After my bath, mom takes us all outside to bask in the sun light. I just love to go to the bottom of my cage and spread my wings streight out and just soak up the rays.

I get my daily exercise too. Mom lets me out of my cage so I can walk around, do my hop and fly, or go to my basket where mom keeps my millet treat and some extra pigeon mineral grit for me. One of my favorite exercise routines is to walk around under the parrots' cages and see if they just happen to drop some tasty morsals for me. I love to eat!!

Mom feeds me pretty good. I just love my Harrison's Fine Grind Pellets, a little Hagen Pigeon and Dove mix, and also lots of really good cooked organic grains such as pearled barley, spelt, kashie, brown rice, wheat berries, and hulled millet. I also get my dish of Pigeon mineral grit. Without the grit my gizzard would not grind my food. Mom says that my gizzard helps me digest my food and if it is not working properly, I will not get any nutrients. My food would just pass right through me. I get a lot of fresh cold water to drink too. Mom makes sure I have a nice deep water dish, because I draw water up with my beak, as if it were a straw.

I have a pretty neat cage of my own too. It is my place to feel safe and I can do as I please. My favorite perch is my swing. I love to hang out there and just pretend I am swinging on a tree branch in the breeze. Mom also give me neat little toys with bells for me to ring and a nice mirror so I can see how handsom I am. I also have two other different size perches to help keep my feet healthy. Mom gave me a mineral block and a cuttle bone too to pick at. These help keep my beak trimed and I like to have make believe fights with them too because the are white just like me. Sometimes I just like to roost in the soft pine wood shavings in the bottom of my cage. Also, I can cruise around down there and look for goodies I may have droped or play with the sprigs of Alfalfa my mom puts down there for me. I like to carry the Alfalfa around and pretend I am building my nest or just rearange my floor the way I like it.

I would strongly recommend a bird like me for a first time bird owner. Not only do I have a gentle nature, but I am sweet and loving too. Doves like me are hearty and can live up to about 30 years of age if fed and cared for properly. Best of all though is the sweet sound of my cooing. Mom says females doves coo less than males like me do.

It sure was a fine day for me when my mom found me and brought me home. You see, my previous owner let me loose and never claimed me. I was lucky to be found that day because it was so very cold outside. My mom has been owned by me for a little over 10 years and I plan on staying around for at least another 20 years or more.

  Please follow the links here to meet my Flock Friends, Miss Pepper the Congo African Grey Parrot, Whisper and Gracie the Nandays , and Patience the Mighty Quaker Parrot . Please stop in and read the story of Gracie A Very Special Nanday Conure or meet "My Woman" Miss Princess Dove, her Flock Friend Miss Daffy the Wonderous Green Conure, or the Home of TxParrots, a great place to pick up chicks.

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