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Look at that face? Would you just look at that face? I couldn't resist. It's such a great face. ::ahem:: I've recovered sufficiently to continue now. Thank you. Shall we proceed?

If you're here gazing upon Adrian's countenance, you probably already know all that there is to know about the man, or at least all that you can know from surfing the 'Net or reading PEACE issues. Countless web pages are devoted to this actor whose most well-known role to date is that of Duncan MacLeod, hero of television's "Highlander: The Series." There is a wealth of information out there concerning Adrian's physical appearance, career, personal life (which I won't discuss here, as I figure it's personal and it's his), and his interests and beliefs.

Although many of you are already Adrian experts, I thought that I'd take a stab at giving you my version of Adrian's biography. I'll just hit some of the high points, with commentary, of course, and send you to other pages in my Adrian website along the way. Now if you're ready to get started, we'll go ahead and jump right in. He's an interesting guy and there is a lot to talk about. Got your drool buckets ready? The aspirin for those unexpected bouts of Adrianitis? You should always be prepared. Here we go..

Born in 1592 in the Highlands of...Oops! Wrong guy. They sure do look alike, though. It's uncanny! Oh yeah, we were talking about Adrian. He was born, much in the same manner as the rest of us I would suppose, to a London couple. She was Italian (probably still is) and he, English. Raised in London, Adrian has said that he spent some of his summers with relatives in Italy, where I'm sure that he managed to keep everyone on their toes.

He grew up, and very well I might add, and did the school and sport thing. He was talented enough at the sport thing to play semi-professional soccer, which would explain the musculature of those legs. Somewhere along the way, a girlfriend of Adrian's, obviously a woman of foresight and good taste, submitted Adrian's photograph to a "Could Your Boyfriend Be A Model?" contest. After winning the contest (Did you have any doubt?), Adrian went on to do some modeling and eventually moved to the States. Adrian settled in New York where he modeled, choreographed, and did a little acting. All of this wasn't paying the bills, however, and Adrian headed back home to England.

It wasn't long before Adrian was back in the US, this time setting up house in LA. He found himself an agent and shortly thereafter landed the plum role of Russian ballet dancer Nickolai Rostov on "The Colbys." That season proved to be the series' last, and Adrian went on to do episodic television and films. In 1989, Adrian landed the role of John Kincaid in the syndicated series "War of the Worlds." When that series ended its run in 1990, it was back to more episodic television, a pilot for a series, and a movie or two.

It was in 1992 that Adrian took on the role that would bring him the recognition that he deserved -- Duncan MacLeod, The Highlander. Adrian seems tailor-made to play the immortal hero. A guy that every girl would love to bring home to mother, Duncan is noble, heroic, and gorgeous. If it weren't for that beheading thing, he'd be the perfect guy. Adrian has recently completed shooting Season Six of "Highlander" which will be his last. Although the series will air its final episode in Spring 1998, Adrian will reprise his role as Duncan MacLeod on the big screen. It's about time, too. Adrian is set to start shooting "Highlander IV" in February 1998.

Not content to simply act, Adrian has directed four of the series' episodes -- two during Season Four, including the perennial favorite "Homeland, and two during Season Five, including the historic 100th episode, "Revelation 6:8." Along with giving Adrian the opportunity to direct, "Highlander" has showcased Adrian's athleticism and grace through the beautifully choreographed sword and martial arts sequences. Being graceful hasn't kept Adrian from getting injured on the set, however, and he's had stitches, bumps, bruises, and a nasty injury that occurred when he fell over a banister and landed on his head. Maybe it's a good idea that Adrian has finished his run on "Highlander." We wouldn't want to lose him in some bizarre on-set accident, would we? I think not.

Rather than embrace the self-promotion of the entertainment industry through the formation of an ego boosting fan club, Adrian opted to form a fan club with a difference when he founded PEACE-The Adrian Paul Fan Club. Adrian wanted a fan club where people could share ideas and philosophies that might bring about positive change in the lives of all who participated. PEACE contributes a portion of its proceeds to charity and allows members to suggest those charities that they would like the club to consider for a donation. It's a terrific club with a unique message.

As if Adrian didn't have enough to do, he has somehow managed to attend various "Highlander" conventions over the past few years. A real crowd pleaser, Adrian answers the most bizarre questions, signs autographs until his fingers tingle, and makes every fan feel special for those few moments that he speaks to them. If you ever get the chance to attend a convention, do. Adrian gives 100% and makes it look easy. We know better. Having 2,000 people clamoring to get close to you has to be disconcerting, but he's handled such situations with grace and humor. I think that this was definitely a man who was raised right, don't you? Although I have no idea how he does it, Adrian also manages to make charity appearances whenever possible. He seems to have an affinity for celebrity golf tournaments for some reason. I can't imagine why...

Adrian is in poor health and/or was involved in a Tragic Motorcycle Accident

Absolutely False!Adrian is in fine health and was in rare form at the Highlander Convention held Easter weekend in Anaheim, California. Contrary to nasty reports that Adrian had been involved in a fatal motorcyle accident (where do people get this stuff), he's alive and well and appearing on the syndicated talk show "Vibe" this week. (April 23)

Word is that there will be a Highlander convention sometime in the Fall of 1998.

CONFIRMED!! There will be a Gathering IV to be held in Denver, Colorado on October 16, 17, and 18, 1998. More news as it becomes available.

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