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My Little Corner of Heaven

Thank you for visiting my Home Page...*Smile*....I hope you find something of interest to you here. If nothing else you will learn a little more about me.

My name is Sher, but you know me as HeavenScent aka SugarandSpice. I'm 5'2", 115#, shoulder length brown hair, and green eyes. My home is Texas although I have lived elsewhere from time to time. I've been married to the same man for 27 years, and all in all, it's been a good life. Hubby is tall, handsome, a hardworker, and talented. The Brightest Stars in my corner of Heaven are our two wonderful sons who attended a university in Kansas and are now making their own lives and both working for a computer company.

God really smiled on me and blessed me with my boys. They are both very handsome, intellegent, talented (visit their homepage links), decent individuals who each have a great sense of humor, and have been a great joy in our lives. But please understand, this is their mother talking, and in no way am I biased.

Another Bright Star, hubby...has been with the same company for over 20 years and this has taken us on many adventures, some around the world. We have seen first hand what a big wonderful world this is and how insignificant we all are in the scheme of things, yet how significant we are too. Some of our travels include places like Greece, Holland, Thailand, China, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Hawaii and a two years stay in on the Arabian Gulf side of Saudi Arabia.

I have many interests outside the net. They include oil painting, all sorts of arts and crafts, wood working (which I help my husband with), country/western music. I love working outside in the yard. Hubby and I have both been Karate Instructors. We studied karate while overseas. In high school and college I loved dancing and participated in every event that was available. I won many dance contests, really wanted a dancing career. But being 5'2" I was considered too, that dream went by the wayside. I also did some modeling during those years, but again was too short for professional modeling. I love the game of golf, but haven't gotten to play in awhile. I will again soon.

Being a social or people person I have thoroughly enjoyed the chathouse and the many friends I've made there. Many of my friends are listed below, but I'm sure I will be adding to this list for sometime: Among the first Shining Stars I met when starting to chat are.....snapdragon, brittany, 22skidoo, Hip Hugger, sds10, ShadowCatcher, dejavue, Hips, irony, Isis(M), MidnightMan, banoose, Echo, onan, Bubba(o), satch, the golfer, Jagster and Delightful.

Other Shining Stars I've acquired since then include......Sweethart, esoog, kimbo, Almost an Angel, renea, ThePro, smoke one, Franky's Girl, Maiden, Mon, redcap, BraveHeart, Chardonnay, lys, Hawke, 2Wicked, Hooo Waaa, Hey You!, 3-earnhardt, yim and propboy. Newest additions include Jackson Trade, gemini, Just Glistening, Oregon Man, gazzer, BEnny, Hot Damn, Sexy spurs

I love all of you! *smile*

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