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~RICK NELSON~travelin'man

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~RICK NELSON~"travelin'man"

Name: Eric Hilliard Nelson

Born: May 8, 1940 in Teaneck, New Jersey

Parents: Ozzie Nelson and Harriet (Hilliard)

Brother: David Nelson

We, teens of the 50's, knew him as Ricky and then as Rick Nelson. Most of us would watch the Nelson's on the Ozzie and Harriet television show each and every week.

And how wonderful it was to be raised in the 50's. A time of Moms wearing aprons while cooking supper, watching Wednesday nite fights, on the Calvalcade of Sports with Dad, and a time that we hurried home from school to watch the Mickey Mouse Club and American Bandstand.

But this page is not really just about the 50's, it's about Rick.

Click on button above to hear some Real Audio samples of Ricks oldies!!!!!

I have tried to find every picture, available to me, to place on this site to share with you! I only wish that I had more Pics~Of Rick, of course~

Just to kinda' take a break, I thought I'd place a cool hot-rod here~ There were some fine cars that traveled the roads when Rick and I were kids!

Here is another really fine car....

Well, I guess it's back to some more pics of the Nelsons'~ I don't think that I could ever tire of looking at these pictures. But then again, I happen to be prejudiced, a little. Sm:(e

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I am sure, by now, youve figured out that I have quite a crush on Rick. Well I've had a special feeling for him for over 40 years. I miss him very much, but thank God for the pictures and recordings....He will always be with us~

Now here are some more of the pics that I have gathered of Rick. Some are taken years past, and some are from more recent times~


This site is dedicated to Rick Nelson, with a special dedication to a very special friend.....

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THE 50's

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As much as I like and enjoy almost all kinds of music, the Rock and Roll era of the 50's will, forever, have that "special" place in my heart!