Golden Wolf Holt is an ElfQuest Preservationist Holt. The setting is around the time of the start of the first issue of ElfQuest. We know nothing of Trolls, Preservers, or other Elves. Therefore, there is a lot of room for storytelling and growth.

Golden Wolf Holt was created in 1985 by me, Mike Garcia/Chief LoboLoco. At the time it was created it was the only holt in Texas. There are other holts in Texas now, but Golden Wolf Holt is the oldest Texan Holt.

I tried to make the holt as unique and interesting as possible. Originally the holt was to be a large, golden, wolf head in the middle of a forest...this seemed too conspicuous and would attract humans to investigate. However, I still wanted the idea of a wolf head to be the look of the holt. "Wouldn't that still be too conspicuous and still attract human curiosity," you might ask? Well, actually, the humans living in the vicinity of the holt have been scared away(most recently in Sleeping Bear's time) and continue to fear the "Wolf-Mountain."

Golden Wolf Holt has been on hiatus for many years now and the last issue of Fangs Gleam was published in 1995. With the availability of internet access and better, more affordable computers, I am blowing the dust off the Holt and shaking off the cobwebs. Many of you have expressed new interest in Golden Wolf Holt. I'm glad and look forward to providing a fun, active holt once more.

The website has been around since late 1997 but I have been busy with other things and have not had the opportunity to update it until now...

Welcome to Golden Wolf Holt.
Cool Wine and Warm Shelter

-Chief Lobo

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