ElfQuest is a series of graphic novels that tells the story of a tribe of elves known as the "Wolfriders" who are burned out of their forest home by humans. It is created by Wendy and Richard Pini (WaRP Graphics), written by the husband/wife duo and beautifully illustrated by Wendy Pini.

The Wolfriders are led by their chief, Cutter. He is a youth at the beginning of the quest and has to seek the aid of the underground dwelling Trolls for his tribe to escape the forest fire. The Trolls are cunning and cruel and trick the wolfriders into believing they will help. They lead them to a desert and abandon them there to die. The elves are resourceful and brave the wasteland and eventually come upon a mountainous oasis and discover more of their kind. They are amazed, believing that they were the only ones of their kind on this hostile planet. This eventually leads to "The Quest" for other elves in the World of Two Moons.

For More information you can visit the official ElfQuest website.

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