Official Golden Wolf Holt Character Sheet 
Character's Name: Shadowstar 
Position in Holt: Healer 
Soul Name: Rahn 
Life/Love Mate(s): none 
Holt Affiliation(s): Golden Wolf Holt
Known Kin: none History: Shadowstar lost her parents when she was three years old. They had taken her out on one of their solo hunts to show her what a hunt was like. What happened next is something that Shadowstar doesn't know herself…she remembers being placed on the ground by her mother and then nothing…she only remebers waking up cold and hungry…and alone. Her parents had vanished without a trace and no amount of searching by the tribe revealed any clues to their fate. Shadowstar was then raised by the remainder of the tribe. She now has a responsibility as a healer but there are some who wonder if one so young can handle it. Physical Traits: Race: Elf Age: 20 Gender: Female Height: 3'4" Build: Slight, 46 lb's Eyes: Green Hair: Red Skin Tone: Pale Clothing: Green hood and cloak (not always worn) Brown boots, green pants, leather top. Preferred Items and Weapons: Doesn't really like weapons but has a small set of throwing knives. Physical skills and Magic Abilities: Healer Likes: Peace and quiet, the night sky (sometimes like to imagine that her parents are in the stars) Dislikes: Small enclosed spaces. Identifiable Marks-(scars, etc): Small mark on her shoulder Personality: Shadowstar has a deep-seated fear of being abandoned and left alone…she keeps at least one of her bond animals close to her at all times. However when she is in a large group she seems to be almost invisible…never saying anything, never voicing her opinion. Those are things she keeps to herself. She sometime feels that her healing skills are all that keep the tribe from abandoning her…just like her parent's did. However that voice
is usually pushed way to the back of her mind. It is only on nights when the holt is silent that it comes back again. Shadowstar is deeply devoted to her tribemates and enjoys the thrill of the chase on a hunt…she does not kill though…for some reason she cannot bring herself to do that. She is friendly although sometimes distant. BOND ANIMAL Animals' Name: Nakkar (eagle) Skunk (wolf) Species: Eagle and Wolf Age: 4 years old (eagle) 5 years (wolf) Gender: Female (both) Height: wing span 2 metres Weight: Build: Medium sized wolf Eyes: Yellow (eagle) brown (wolf) Weapons (claws, teeth, talons, antlers, etc…): Talons (eagle) Teeth and claws (wolf) Fur/Feather or Skin Tone: White (eagle) dark brown with a lighter brown stripe along her back (wolf) Physical Abilities: Personality: Holt Member Personal Info: Name: Karen Blackwell Other Information:

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